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Motorcycle Handlebar Controls & Switches

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Motorcycle Handlebar Controls

Motorcycle hand controls are designed to be intuitive and ergonomic, much like the push-to-talk buttons riders use on their phone. These controls are located on both sides of the motorcycle handlebars, and each has a specific function. Many options are available, from adjusting the steering feel to suspension stiffness and balance to power delivery and throttle feel. Here is everything riders need to understand about motorcycle handlebar controls.

Types of Motorcycle Handlebar Controls

Custom motorcycle handlebar switches have been around for decades, allowing riders to change their bike settings without going through a dealership or even a repair shop. This is especially common with Harley hand controls. Handlebar switches are popular among motorcyclists because they allow riders to customize their bikes' performance settings and adjust them on the fly. Many riders opt to install these switches on the handlebar levers. Custom motorcycle handlebar switches include everything from ignition and lighting controls to handlebar grips, so there's plenty of room for personalization. Handlebar controls can be classified into either right-hand or left-hand controls.

The Motorcycle Right-Hand Controls

Right-hand controls are a mainstay on motorcycles, and they're responsible for the most important functions of the motorcycle. The motorcycle right-hand control is typically used to shift from neutral to forward or reverse gears, engage the clutch, or disengage it. Riders can also use it to adjust their seat height and position. Riders must use both hands when operating the motorcycle right-hand controls. This allows them to change gears with one hand while operating the clutch with the other.

The Motorcycle Left-Hand Controls

Motorcycle left-hand controls include a clutch and throttle, which control the bike's power output. To use motorcycle left-hand controls, riders will need to have a motorcycle with a left-hand drive configuration. Not all motorcycles are capable of being driven with their left hands, however. Harley hand controls can allow riders to adjust their speed by pulling back on the throttle while pushing forward on the brake pedal simultaneously. Left-handed control systems are typically less expensive than right-handed ones, but they may require more practice on the part of the rider since they're not as intuitive as right-handed motorcycle hand controls.

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