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Men's Motorcycle Sneakers

Men's Sneakers

When you think of Harley-Davidson footwear, you may not imagine finding a great pair of men's sneakers for bikers. Well, even if it isn't common knowledge, Harley-Davidson makes sneakers, and we make some impressive ones at that. We know there are all sorts of riders out there. Some riders like to switch up their footwear or may not like to wear biker boots. These people want something else, like sneakers. Still, if we were going to offer Harley-Davidson sneakers as men's motorcycle footwear, we had to make sure they were right for riders.

Sure, they look like regular sneakers you can walk around in, and you can do that, but they can handle the road like regular, tough boots. This is because the shoes are made with full-grain leather. This leather creates a more reliable shield when you're facing road debris. We didn't stop there, though. We also made sure we added an ankle armor insert to our men's performance riding shoes.

Most men's tennis shoes don't add a protective insert, but we knew we had to. While tennis shoes are definitely known for their flexibility, we also knew you needed a little protection. As a rider, you know that too much pressure on your ankles is not a good thing. That could happen to a rider at any time, which is why you'll need this insert. You should know that there are several sneaker designs to choose from in a variety of colors including our signature orange and black, which is part of what makes Harley-Davidson's sneaker design approach so good. Your job is to just go through them until you find the ones that feel right to you.