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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Men's Motorcycle Riding Jeans | Harley-Davidson

Have you tried our riding pants for men? At Harley -Davidson, we ensure unmatched versatility with our range of motorcyclists' outerwear jeans to go along with our stylish shirts, jackets and sunglasses. We tailor our collection to afford you pleasant and memorable rides down the road. Our collection is worth every penny.

The motorcycle jeans for men, for instance, have what it takes to give you a comfortable journey. They come with adjustable elastic quick-release straps for optimum fit and easy removal. Featured alongside these designs are riding jeans with knee pads that guarantee safety in case of any accidental road veer off. Besides, there are single-layer motorcycle jeans. They are excellent in enhancing easy movement of knees, delivering the most natural and flexible feeling. They are ideal for long-distance riders keen on maximizing comfort as the rubber hits the road. While referring to the universal guidelines regarding the safety of bikers, we fit biker pants with reinforced stitches and upgraded pads around knees and hips.

Our pool of men's biker riding pants is incredibly stocked. We use high-quality and durable materials to make our riding bottoms. Bikers have credited them as being easy to wash. Our riding jeans are hard to fade even when exposed to long sunny rides. They do not easily wrinkle or shrink. These rider jeans come with fashionable stretch panels that ensure unrestrained extending of your legs. Also, we fix heat-safe boards on the inner side to shield the jeans from burning because your legs are nearer to the fumes pipe. As a safety feature, we design jean pants with bright reflective strips that make it easier for motorists to notice you while on the road.