Men's Jeans 

Shop men's motorcycle jeans from Harley-Davidson in popular styles like straight, bootcut and relaxed fit. Durable and ready for the road. 

Men's Jeans and Pants

As a Harley-Davidson rider, you understand the importance of quality, style, and tradition, and our men's jeans deliver on all three points. Whether you are looking for men's jeans for riding, work, or a night out on the town, we have you covered with our denim men's jeans. With our many popular styles to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

We offer a variety of men's motorcycle riding jeans, including multiple fits, stitching options, and performance enhancements. If you are looking for pants in a men's dress jeans style, you may want to check out our modern straight jeans. The modern straight jeans line includes a variety of stitching styles and fabrics, some of which are abrasive-resistant and waterproof.

For riders interested in additional warmth and protection from men's biker jeans, give our base layers and overpants a try. Our base layers keep you warm while monitoring temperature, moisture, and odor. The waterproof overpants provide moisture protection and temperature control, utilizing vents for airflow. They also include lightweight body armor at the hips and knees to keep you safe.

If traditional bootcut is more your speed, be sure to check out our bootcut denim pants for men. Bootcut jeans are more classically styled, using heavy denim to provide a durable, classically styled jean. Traditional fit jeans are another option to bring traditional denim styling to your wardrobe. If you want a timeless look coupled with a high-quality product, be sure to check out this durable jeans line.

The last style in our performance jeans for men line is the relaxed-fit jean. These jeans are another option for a classic look made with the same high-quality denim and craftsmanship as our other jeans but with a more relaxed fit to deliver enhanced comfort without sacrificing style. All of these options are great choices for performance men's jeans. We are confident that our many styles, fits, and performance options mean that you will find jeans that are just right for you.