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Heated Motorcycle Gear

Men's Heated Motorcycle Gear

It's important to have heated motorcycle gear if you want to keep riding in chilly weather. When winter hits and you reach high speeds, the cold is unbearable unless you invest in heated motorcycle clothing, like some good jackets or gloves.

A high-quality heated jacket will have built-in temperature control, which is sometimes called BTC. In essence, this means your jacket has heat panels. We have jackets that come with a carbon nanocore heating system that helps distribute heat throughout the layers of the jacket. The jackets use a 12V electrical system that hooks up to your bike so that you can stay warm, no matter how cold it gets.

All of our heated winter motorcycle riding gear uses this type of technology, including our nifty gauntlet gloves. Bikers have always had to fight against cold temperatures. In the old days, it was a battle they often lost. Losing sometimes meant you had to stay indoors and wait until spring arrived.

Part of the reason people feel that cold air in their bones is because the wind speed picks up, so a biker feels that bite. This is why we work hard to provide gear you can rely on. We're happy to report that our battery-powered heated gear can win the battle against chilly nights and frigid winter days. With the right heated jacket, gloves, liner, and gear battery harness, you'll be able to stay comfy during long rides in low temperatures.

We've got a lot of rechargeable heated outerwear to choose from, so make sure you look through our options. We're proud to say that our designs are quite versatile, so they're sure to fit your look.