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The Lightest Motorcycle Helmets for 2022

October 16, 2022

Motorcycle helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment standing between you and the road. Along with crucial protection, they also provide important peace of mind so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Thanks to advances in helmet materials, protection and peace of mind no longer has to come with bulk and heft. Whether you’re a casual rider, everyday commuter, or a cross-country adventurer, this guide to our lightest motorcycle helmets across a range of categories can help you find a helmet that helps you get  from A to B without weighing you down.

Learn more about how motorcycle helmets should fit by reading our Motorcycle Helmet Fit & Sizing Guide today.

Our Most Popular Lightweight Helmets

Want to hear what our riders have to say about lightweight helmets? The helmets you see below are our most popular options.

Lightest Half Helmets

The lightest of the light, you might just forget these half helmet options are even there. Show off your love for the Bar & Shield in an ultra-light, sun-shielded half helmet that exudes timeless style. Or opt for a helmet that’s equipped with advanced ventilation design to keep you extra cool while weighing in just a couple ounces heavier.

Lightest Full Face Helmets

To provide the best possible protection, a full-face helmet fits snugly and covers as much as of your head as possible. This means that an overly heavy helmet might not be so comfortable. These lightweight men’s and women’s full-face motorcycle helmets aren’t your ordinary helmets. Find feature-rich designs to go with their innovative construction and choose the full-face helmet that’s right for you.

Lightest Modular Helmets

Because of the internal mechanisms required to allow for a visor that flips up, modular motorcycle helmets have long been even heavier than their full-face counterparts. But these lightest modular helmet options are now lighter than many full-face helmets on the market. That means riders can enjoy the convenience and quick-cooling ability of a moveable visor and still remain comfortable during long-distance rides.

With lightweight motorcycle helmets in so many styles, there’s something here to suit the needs of any rider. Want to see for yourself just how light these helmets are today? See where your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealer is, and head to try them out in-person. You might not quite believe how comfortable a helmet can be.

Learn more about how motorcycle helmets should fit by reading our Motorcycle Helmet Fit & Sizing Guide today.

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