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The Best Motorcycle Speakers & Sound Systems from Harley-Davidson

March 06, 2024 Comments Comment

The sky’s clear and so is the traffic. The engine’s roaring and all that’s in front of you is open road. Could it get any better? Well, yes—you could be enjoying your very own soundtrack coming crisp, clear and loud out of the speakers of your choice.

For many riders, a high-quality audio experience is an essential component of a day in the saddle. Use this guide to sound out your options for finding the best motorcycle speakers and sound systems from Harley-Davidson—and to find the best fit for your musical needs.

Best Motorcycle Speakers from Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson offers a range of motorcycle speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality and durable construction that’s designed to last, so you can soundtrack one adventure after another. Choose from the cutting-edge components from Harley-Davidson® Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate®, which set a new standard of motorcycle audio performance and customization.

Best Motorcycle Sound Systems from Harley-Davidson

A complete sound system from Harley is designed to transform your motorcycle into a moving stage. Combine powerful, intelligent amplifiers with advanced technology to enjoy a surround-sound show that takes your next riding experience to a whole new level. Build the perfect system that delivers deep bass, distortion-free mids, and ultra-clear highs—all told, the best audio experience you can get on two wheels.

Loudest Motorcycle Speakers from Harley-Davidson

Our bikes are loud, and we love it. But these speakers are louder—because you need them to be. For those who want to go big or go home, these speakers deliver volume alongside precision, ensuring that the quality of your music remains as pristine as can be even as the decibels get higher and higher. 

Types of Motorcycle Speakers – the Basics

Motorcycle speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, locations. With Harley-Davidson, riders can add audiophile-friendly sound in any of these categories, but each type of motorcycle speaker comes with its own pros, cons and feature set. Dig in to understand which style of speaker or sound system is the right match for you and your bike

Handlebar-Mounted Speakers

Handlebar-mounted speakers are a popular choice among riders due to their relatively easy installation and the immediate sound output they provide. Being positioned on the motorcycle handlebars, these speakers are quite upfront, ensuring the sound travels directly to the rider. They are typically designed to be rugged and weather-resistant, making them capable of enduring the elements as you cruise down the road.

One of the primary advantages of opting for handlebar-mounted speakers is their straightforward mounting process, which often requires minimal tools and expertise. They are also easier to remove or replace, offering a degree of flexibility to riders who may wish to upgrade their audio system in the future.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. Due to their exposed position, handlebar-mounted speakers may suffer from wind interference, which can distort the sound at higher speeds. Additionally, their positioning might not provide a full stereo effect since the sound is primarily directed from the front. Despite these drawbacks, handlebar-mounted speakers are an acceptable choice for riders looking for a simple and effective way to bring their favorite tunes along for the ride.

Fairing Mounted speakers

Fairing-mounted speakers offer a more integrated audio solution for riders. Nestled within the motorcycle's upper fairing or tacked on as lower fairings behind the front wheel, these speakers have a more streamlined look and often provide a better stereo effect when compared to handlebar-mounted speakers. The fairing itself provides a level of wind and weather protection, allowing for clear sound even at high speeds. This setup is particularly appreciated in touring motorcycles, where audio quality and protection from the elements are paramount.

The installation of fairing-mounted speakers can be more complex and, in some instances, may require professional assistance. Because fairing-mounted options are more of a permanent fixture than handlebar speakers, upgrades or replacements can be a bit more involved.

Nevertheless, fairing-mounted speakers are a great choice for those who prioritize sound quality and aesthetics in their audio setup—and for those who possess a compatible bike. Obviously, because of the placement of these speakers, checking the fitment information provided by the manufacturer is a must. But with the option of adding fairing-mounted speakers up top or adding lower fairing speakers below, there is still a wide range of compatible bikes that can get a boost from these audio upgrades.

Saddlebag and Tour-Pak® Carrier Speakers

Saddlebag and Tour-Pak® carrier speakers are a brilliant solution for riders looking to expand their motorcycle’s audio system without compromising storage space. These speakers are integrated into the motorcycle's saddlebags or Harley-Davidson® Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, providing an aesthetic and practical way to enjoy music on the go.

One of the notable advantages of these speakers is their ability to create a full sound environment, enveloping the rider and any potential passenger in rich, clear sound. The placement in the rear also helps in balancing the sound distribution across the motorcycle. Add a subwoofer (or two) to the rear of the bike to enjoy heart-thumping bass that’s balanced by

Depending upon the manufacturer, though, installing luggage-based speakers can be a more intricate process compared to handling the options above. Installation might require professional assistance to ensure a clean, functional and finely tuned setup. Moreover, depending on the design, they might take up some of the compartments’ storage space, which could be an undesirable trade-off for touring riders who prioritize carrying capacity. Regardless, for riders who enjoy long tours and appreciate a well-distributed, enveloping sound experience, investing in saddlebag and Tour-Pak® carrier speakers is a worthy consideration. They can help enhance the auditory enjoyment and add a touch of class and customization to the motorcycle.

Helmet Speakers

Helmet-based speakers provide a more personal, often intimate audio experience by delivering sound via speakers inside a rider’s helmet. With options ranging from Bluetooth-powered headsets to helmets with integrated Bluetooth, these options are excellent for reducing wind and external road noise.

Riders can enjoy an easy connection with their Bluetooth-compatible devices, giving them easy access to navigation and communication, along with their favorite tunes. While simple to set up and enjoy, however, helmet speakers may lack the dynamic sound and concert-like experience afforded by more powerful speaker setups and sound systems.

A great-sounding sound system is essential for riders who appreciate being accompanied on the open road by their favorite tunes. As you consider upgrading or installing new speakers or an all-new sound system, explore the full variety of amplifier and speaker options available from Harley-Davidson, as well as our wider collection of motorcycle audio equipment and accessories.

When you’re ready to hear and experience these systems for yourself, head to your local Harley-Davidson® dealer to kick off your epic auditory adventure.

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