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Harley-Davidson's Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves to Stay Warm on the Open Road

February 22, 2023

Whether it’s the way you get to work or you’re an adventurous all-season rider, if you hit the roads when temperatures start dropping, then investing in a proper, protective pair of warm motorcycle gloves is a worthy investment. Check out this guide to the best winter motorcycle gloves and find a pair to get you through even the most inclement conditions.

Why Are Warm Motorcycle Gloves So Important?

Because of their exposure to the wind, your hands are always going to be one of the most vulnerable parts of your body when riding. And if you’re trekking through wet and wintry weather, the last thing you can afford is an icy grip. Cold and numbing hands can pose a threat to your ability to grip and handle your bike. That’s why, first and foremost, you need a pair of warm motorcycle gloves to ensure you have a strong grip on your bike. 

Cold-weather gloves come in a wide variety of materials. Hardy leather, as always, is a great choice for standing up to the elements. However, you’ll also find a range of other glove material options, including some that combine leather with synthetic materials to increase warmth as well as durability and comfort. Look for gloves that feature lining such as 3M Thinsulate™ to add extra warmth or Hydratex waterproofing and grip technology. Likewise, a gauntlet glove design can offer extra coverage. 

If you’re looking for next-level warmth, though, look no further than a pair of heated motorcycle gloves. Using the latest technology, these gloves—like the Harley-Davidson® Heated BTC 12V Waterproof Leather Gauntlet Gloves—can connect via a switch to a bike’s 12V electric system to deliver unparalleled heat. They can even be coordinated with a heated jacket and pants.

Always Try Before You Ride

As you search for the right pair of winter gloves, keep in mind that warmth and waterproofing should never come at the expense of sensitivity. Often, the ability to offer high sensitivity and easy maneuverability in a pair of warm gloves—rather than awkward bulk and heft—is what separates the very best winter motorcycle gloves from the rest. 

To ensure that you’re making the best investment in cold-weather gloves, always try on your new gloves and wear them for a while before you head out on the road. While the presence of some of the materials and features described above can give you an idea of how warm a pair of gloves will be, only you can tell if they offer a comfortable fit and adequate feel. 

The Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Harley-Davidson’s collection of warm motorcycle gloves includes a bevy of styles, materials, and designs. Browse some of the options that our riders love most here, or explore our full collections of men’s and women’s motorcycle gloves to find something that suits your cold-weather needs. 

Cold Weather Gear to compliment your gloves

Looking for more gear to keep you warm on your motorcycle in the cold weather? Check out our heated motorcycle gear and clothing below.

Want to check out our jackets in person before you buy? Find your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealer and head in to find the right fit. You’ll be ready to hit the road in the comfort of your new jacket in no time.

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