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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Motorcycle Windshield Trim

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Windshield Trim for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Finding the right motorcycle windshield trim for a Harley motorcycle is based on the type of windshield in use. Riders can also select trim based on decorative properties, not just functional properties. Some styles, like illuminated windshield trim, combine the two. Certain types of trim are made only for certain types of windshields. Before checking out all the great Harley windshield trim options Harley-Davidson offers, it's recommended to check the make and model of motorcycle and the type of windshield in use.

Harley-Davidson makes many different styles of motorcycle windshields. Since the selection of motorcycle windshield trim is based on the style of windshield installed, owners have to be keenly aware of what's on their bikes right now. Then they can pick out Harley windshield trim and wind deflectors also, if they so desire.

Replacing the Windshield and Its Trim

When replacing a windshield, it's important to note that this project requires extra components. The windshield cannot be secured without the proper docking hardware. Once the hardware is installed, then the windshield is installed, followed by the trim.

Windshield Trim with Style & Functionality

Windshield trim that resists water is a popular style for functionality, but silver chrome trim is among the most popular styles for aesthetics. There is also illuminated windshield trim that provides extra visibility. It is always best to consult with a Harley-Davidson professional or sales rep to determine which trim is exactly right to satisfy expectations. Check with a Harley-Davidson dealer about trims of interest and purchase your favorite style available in our online inventory.