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Harley-Davidson’s Best Motorcycle Covers

August 02, 2023

Whether you need to park and store your bike in the garage, on the street, or wherever you wind up on your next road trip, a motorcycle cover is the protective gear that stands between your bike and the outside world.

Some covers might look like a minor upgrade on a tarp and bungee cords, but not all covers are created equally. The best motorcycle covers fight the effects of the elements and protect your bike’s paint and finishes from the rough world around us. 

Types of Motorcycle Covers

Before you pick out the right motorcycle cover for you, it’s best to understand the difference between motorcycle cover types. Based on your storage needs, you can zero in on the cover type that’s right for you, before considering other factors. Cover types and variants to consider include the following:

  • Indoor and indoor/outdoor covers: The primary differentiator of motorcycle covers is whether they’re graded for indoor use or  outdoor use. Indoor-only covers typically feature breathable materials for good air circulation, while covers graded for outdoor use are made from heavier-duty materials designed to offer water resistance and breathability.
  • Half vs. full covers: Full covers, as their name suggests, offer complete coverage of your bike for maximum protection during both short- and long-term storage. Meanwhile, half covers only cover the upper portion of the bike. Though they offer less coverage, they’re typically lighter and easier to transport, making them an ideal option for keeping your seat and controls clean after commutes or during short stops. 
  • Compact covers: These covers offer similar coverage as half covers but are specially designed to take on the road. Easy to pack and lightweight, these are the ultimate travel companions, offering protection and peace of mind while on the move.
  • Seat and service covers: Other types include seat covers and service covers. Seat covers, or rain covers, offer minimal coverage and convenience to keep your seat from getting soggy during quick stops. Service covers are specifically designed to protect your fuel tank and fender while performing routine maintenance.

Learn More about Types of H-D Motorcycle Covers

Best Harley-Davidson indoor/outdoor motorcycle cover

When it comes to finding a cover graded and specially designed for the demands of both indoor and outdoor use, there’s only one best option. A Harley-Davidson® Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover offers everything you need to give your bike the best protection during both short- and long-term storage.

Whether you need a cover to wick away water during stops on a cross-country road trip or something with full coverage to protect your bike from the elements out on the street or in the driveway, these water-resistant motorcycle cover options have you covered. Keep your bike clean, safe, dry, and ready to ride with these top choices.

Riders who regularly park their bikes out on the street or in the driveway need a cover they can count on to provide maximum protection. These top indoor/outdoor cover options provide peace of mind with heavy-duty, all-weather coverage that stands up to the elements. Fitting snugly around your bike, these covers’ design prevents billowing in heavy winds. Plus, sewn-in grommets and hidden internal pockets give you the option to equip your bike with a lock or an alarm.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Motocycle Covers

Learn More about H-D Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Best Harley-Davidson indoor motorcycle covers

Even if your bike has a safe spot inside the garage, you still need to right coverage. Choose from these excellent indoor options featuring breathable polyester or premium microfiber that’s luxuriously soft on your bike’s most delicate features. Find the right fit for your model and cinch these covers snugly with a secure corset-style system or front and rear adjustable drawstrings. Opt for a sleek all-black look or rock the Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield—either way you can ensure your bike looks great even in storage.  

Best Indoor Motocycle Covers

Best Harley-Davidson compact and half motorcycle covers

When you’re just stopping for a night—or heading into work for the day—you don’t always need full coverage. These compact and half motorcycle covers are lightweight and easy to store. Keeping your seat and controls dry while otherwise minimizing wiping after a bit of rain, these covers are the ideal accessories to pack with you the next time you head out on the road. 

Best Compact & Travel Motocycle Covers

Best Motocycle Seat & Service Covers

Choosing a cover: Which motorcycle cover is best for me?

Choosing the best motorcycle cover for your needs depends on several factors, including your motorcycle’s size and shape, the conditions where you’ll be storing your bike, the level of protection you want, and of course your budget. Here are some things to consider when choosing a cover for your bike:

  • Size and fit: The cover should fit your motorcycle properly. A cover that’s too small will leave parts of your bike exposed and unprotected, while one that’s too large might flap or balloon in the wind, allowing water, dust, and dirt in.
  • Storage needs: Consider whether you’ll be storing your bike indoors, outdoors, while traveling, or some mix of all three. Your riding and storage habits will help you determine the ideal type of cover—but more on that below.
  • Weatherproofing: If you’re in a region with heavy rainfall and need to store your bike outdoors at all, water-resistant materials and design are essential. Likewise, ventilation and breathability are key to help prevent condensation from building up beneath the cover, which can lead to corrosion. In a snowy climate, a heavy-duty cover is probably necessary as well.
  • Heat resistance: If you’ll be needing to cover your motorcycle shortly after riding it, look for covers that include heat-resistant sections to prevent damage from warm exhaust.
  • Security: Some covers also offer an extra layer of security, with grommets and pockets to accommodate locks and anti-theft alarms.
  • Budget: Consider how much you’re willing to pay for a motorcycle cover. Remember, though: buying a better cover might require a greater outlay upfront, but if it’s built to last and effectively protect your bike, it can be a smart long-term investment that helps prevent costly damage to your bike.

Learn More about Popular H-D Motorcycle Covers

Looking for top-notch protection on your bike? Don’t forget to equip it with an effective alarm. The H-D® Motorcycle Cover Alarm fits into the pocket of select Harley-Davidson® covers to protect your covered motorcycle from tampering, no matter where you store your bike. Find even more details, advice, and tools to protect your investment, had to your local Harley-Davidson® dealer.

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