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Find the Best Motorcycle Vests from Harley-Davidson

December 06, 2023 Comments Comment

Motorcycle vests have long been a favorite among riders worldwide—and for good reason. Marrying fashion with function in a way few other pieces of biker apparel can, vests not only serve as a sharp statement of style and enable easy comfort.

Thinking of adding a motorcycle vest to your riding wardrobe? Get the information you need to find a vest that matches the way you ride in this comprehensive guide to the best motorcycle vests from Harley-Davidson. 

Our Best Men’s Motorcycle Vests

Harley-Davidson's range of men’s vests showcases a blend of innovation and tradition. Crafted with utmost precision, each vest is designed with the modern biker in mind. From the classic allure of leather to the advanced technology behind our cooling vests, we help ensure that every rider can find his perfect fit.

Our Best Women’s Motorcycle Vests

For the women who take on the open road, Harley-Davidson offers a selection of vests that beautifully combine form and function. Find the practical hi-vis or cooling options you need to stay comfortable or explore new ways to show off the iconic Harley bar and shield in lightweight, butter-soft leather.

Motorcycle Vest FAQs

Why Wear a Motorcycle Vest?

From Highway 1 to the streets of Sturgis, a leather vest and a loud engine make the perfect pair. But motorcycle vests are about more than just aesthetic appeal. Beyond fashion, they enable function, offering riders a comfortable middle ground between full coverage and freedom.

Ideal for those who want protection from the elements without feeling constrained, vests provide coverage without the added weight, especially advantageous during warmer weather. Their sleeveless design provides riders with arm mobility, allowing them to move freely and confidently. Meanwhile, as we’ll explore below, specialized options like hi-vis and cooling vests can also provide their own particular uses and added benefits.

Vest vs. Jackets

Ultimately, the choice between a vest and a jacket is a matter of your needs and personal preference. Like jackets, vests provide plenty of canvas to showcase club affiliations, achievements, or personal customizations like motorcycle pins and motorcycle patches, allowing riders to wear their stories. And despite their sleeveless design, they can be easily paired with a flannel or fleece for warmth. But for those after added abrasion prevention or the utmost protection from the elements, a jacket may provide the best option.

What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Vests?

While a mention of “motorcycle vest” may call to mind iconic leather looks, available options encompass a wide variety of other vest types:

  • Leather: Virtually synonymous with a classic, rugged biker aesthetic, leather vests don't just offer a timeless look. Tough leather materials provide abrasion resistance and are built to last. Over time, quality leather not only gains a unique patina and sheen but adapts to the rider's shape, becoming like a second skin that holds memories of every ride.
  • Nylon: Synthetic vests offer their own approach to durability and style. Delivering a race-ready look or featuring unique patterns, nylon motorcycle vests may feature a fill and lining that provides added warmth and insulation when the wind picks up or the temperature drops.
  • Reflective, or hi-vis: These vests are an essential. Especially vital for nighttime or low-light conditions, reflective, high-visibility materials offer enhanced visibility. Made with bright, neon colors and reflective strips, these vests are essential for those who often find themselves riding in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Look for a hi-vis vest that can be easily stored and worn over your other gear when you need it.
  • Cooling: Engineered for comfort during the sweltering heat, cooling vests are specially designed and made from advanced materials to help regulate body temperature. When soaked in water, these vests provide a prolonged cooling effect, helping riders remain comfortable even under a blazing sun.

How Should a Motorcycle Vest Fit?

To enjoy all the benefits of a vest, riders need to ensure that their vest of choice fits them correctly. As you search for the best motorcycle vest for your needs, be sure to try on and test your options before you take to the open road.

It's essential that a motorcycle vest offers a snug fit without impeding movement. The hem should ideally reach your belt line, ensuring maximum coverage. And when fastened, the vest shouldn't pinch or bunch up. To make sure you’re as mobile as you need to be with a vest on, hop on your bike and perform some riding actions to ensure that it doesn’t restrict your movement.

With Harley-Davidson, the open road is not just a venue for adventure; it's a place to assert your style of style and enjoy a sense of comfort. Our collection of the best motorcycle vests helps make sure of it. 

Eager to make a choice? Browse our full selection of men’s and women’s vests online or step into your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealer to explore more top gear options in person and with the help of our experts.
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