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Harley-Davidson's Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets for
Hot Weather in 2023

May 24, 2023

If you ask almost any rider, they’ll tell you there’s nothing better than a comfortable cruise on a bright day, cutting through the summer breeze.

If they’re an experienced rider, they might also tell you that’s summertime cruising isn’t all sunshine and roses. If you’re heading out on a summer tour or even just on some quick errands, during this season, you’d better be equally prepared for stifling oftentimes heat and sudden downpours. This, of course, means having the right jacket to help protect you from the elements.

Check out what you should consider in any search for the best summer motorcycle jacket—and find some of our top jacket options to consider—in this quick guide to an essential part of any rider’s wardrobe.

The Best Warm Weather Motorcycle Jackets for Summer

In the world of riding, the approval of other riders goes a long way. These summer motorcycle jackets are our best and most popular according to real riders. Explore the options below to discover what makes these the best warm-weather riding jackets.

Best Men’s Summer Riding Jackets

Best Women’s Summer Riding Jackets

Most Breathable Motorcycle Jackets & Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

When it comes to breathability, these summer jacket options can’t be beat. Keep things breezy and comfortable even as things heat up—way up—during the summer months with the help of our most breathable motorcycle jackets for hot weather.

Although some of them may have the look and feel of a casual shirt-jacket, all of our best mesh jackets mean business when it comes to features fit for summer weather. Without sacrificing durability or tip-top slide and abrasion resistance, smaller-hole mesh materials can help you stay cool all summer.

Best Men’s Mesh or Breathable Jackets

Best Women’s Mesh or Breathable Jackets

Motorcycle Vests

Feel the summer breeze even better in one of our best men’s and women’s motorcycle vests. Since vests don’t have sleeves, they offer less coverage but more breathability compared to a jacket. Show off the iconic Bar & Shield in a rugged and versatile leather vest—or stay ultra-cool with the help of a cooling vest that can be layered beneath your jacket of choice.

Best Men’s Motorcycle Vest

Best Women’s Motorcycle Vest

Riding in Summer vs. Winter

While dressing for a ride throughout the rest of the year is mostly about withstanding winds and wet conditions, one aspect of summer motorcycle jackets stands out in its importance: breathability.

When the outside temperatures soar and the sun bakes the blacktop beneath you, you’ll need a jacket that’s lightweight and lets your body get some air. So, you need a jacket made from the right materials to enhance breathability.

What are the right materials for the summer months? Lightweight leather options offer classic style in a manner that suits the warm season. Riders who opt for a leather motorcycle jacket can still enjoy the timeless look (not to mention protection) afforded by high-quality leather, and modern features like advanced ventilation systems and moisture-wicking liners can help them stay cool.

Aside from leather, many of the best and most popular summer riding jackets utilize textile and mesh materials that feature top-notch breathability and versatility. Thanks to layered liners that can be added or subtracted (along with optional body armor for extra protection) these jackets can be adapted to changes in the weather—and be kept around even after a change in the season. Many of these jackets also feature reflective elements, such as 3M Reflective piping, to help increase visibility when you’re still out on the roads on warm summer nights.

Can’t decide which summer motorcycle jacket is the right fit for you? Head to your nearest Harley-Davidson® dealer and try on a variety of jackets in-person to find the best fit.

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