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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.
Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Motorcycle 2-Up Seats

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2-Up Seats Provide Benefits

2-up motorcycle seats can provide the rider and a passenger a comfortable ride with customization options. A comfortable 2-up seat becomes especially useful when traveling long distances. Our selection of 2-up seats includes styles like bucket, touring, reach, hammock, low riders, options for taller riders and passengers, and more. Our aftermarket two-up seats provide added value in terms of comfort and adjustability, so neither operator or passenger is forced to settle for an uncomfortable ride.

2-Up Seat Material

Two-up seat material plays a crucial role in comfort, and most of our seats use advanced polyurethane materials for the structure for their lighter weight and rugged durability. Plastic offers greater flexibility but provides strong support. Rubber bumpers help to isolate the seat from the frame to reduce bumps. Some of our seats use proprietary foams to help reduce fatigue and provide enhanced comfort. Some models even incorporate gels into the stuffing to provide a softer topping to the firmer foam. The most important part of the seat for many riders is the covering material. Our collection includes genuine leather and high-grade vinyl, which riders can easily protect with our wide selection of motorcycle seat covers.

2-Up Seats & More

Riders can choose their throne for cruising or touring based on maximum personal comfort or enhanced performance with the vast selection at H-D. Our selection of 2-up seats includes pillion seats, which are extensions of the operator’s pad, cushion or seat. We also carry a fine selection of solo rider seats. Browse our selection of two-up seats today.