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Motorcycle Pillion Passenger Seats

Passenger Motorcycle Seats

With the right pillion seats, two people can climb on a motorcycle and share many adventures. The right choice of passenger motorcycle seats can keep both riders comfortable. Those seats can help a motorcycle look great, too.

The basic pillion pads can simply be an extension of the driver's seat cushion. Choosing the right seat covers is critical to maintaining a sleek look from the front seat to the back. Installing matching driver's and pillion seats can increase both the comfort and style of a Harley.

Adding a motorcycle pillion with a backrest can do a great deal to increase the passenger’s comfort and enjoyment of the ride. Depending on the look a Harley owner prefers for the rear motorcycle seat, an easily removable backrest might be a worthwhile investment. It’s also possible to double up using a passenger pillion with a pair of motorcycle backrests.

Pillion options run the gamut from a backrest of gloss chrome to a passenger pillion of flat black curved iron. Many of the seat designs have an adapter or cowl to make the pillion addition look just like an extension of the existing seat. Of course, if there are any signs of wear on that seat, this may be the time to fully update both seats.

For those planning to travel with a partner who’s unfamiliar with the whole motorcycle riding experience, the addition of a pillion seat with a metal rail on the backrest may be the ideal option. Make sure to look at Harley-Davidson helmets and outerwear to make the trip even more enjoyable.