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Motorcycle Seat Rain Covers

Guide to Motorcycle Seat Covers

Seat covers are a perfect fit for any motorcycle. Riders expose motorcycles to a lot of rain, snow, and other elements, and the seats will often get wet. Of course, riding a motorcycle during a storm isn’t ideal, but it's essential for a motorcycle rider to have the proper motorcycle rain gear for themselves and their bike seats. Waterproof motorcycle seat covers also come with a storage sack for when the weather is nice.

Motorcycle riders have many choices related to their bikes, including the type of seat and backrest they want. No matter the type of seat from single to two-up, Harley has a motorcycle seat cover to protect it from the elements.

How to Choose a Seat Cover

Motorcycle seat covers come in many shapes and sizes, so riders need to know what they're looking for before shopping around. Once familiar with the various shapes available, it's time to think about what material the motorcycle seat cover should be made from. Nylon isn't only durable; it's waterproof, long lasting and quite strong. It can resist abrasions and much more.

Protect Motorcycle Seats

Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can take their toll on the strength and durability of motorcycle seats. Proper seat covers can help protect the seat leather from harsh sunlight. Just like riders wear motorcycle rain gear, motorcycle seats should also be covered in water-resistant covers outside in a rainstorm or during damp conditions. Level-up a bike’s protection while in storage by investing in a motorcycle cover as well as a seat cover today.