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Motorcycle Brake Pads

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Check Out Harley Brake Pads

Our selection of motorcycle brake pads includes both front brake pads and rear brake pads. Riders can choose from organic, sintered and semi-sintered versions. Organic pads use organic materials like carbon, glass, ground ceramics and other fibers to create friction. Sintered pads use metals like copper alloy. The metals are treated with heat and pressure to form friction material. Semi-sintered pads use both organic materials and metal, most often starting with a metallic base and adding organic materials.

When choosing motorcycle pads for a Harley, riders should assess their feel, braking power and speed of braking. Check the product information, but know that rider preferences usually develop from experience. Choosing original manufacturer's equipment is a good place to start for those lacking motorcycling experience. Our selection includes OEM Harley motorcycle brake pads and pads from other top manufacturers. When installing new front or rear pads, it’s a good time to check the brake rotors. The rotors overheat with use and time, and they can warp, no longer fitting snugly around both sides of the brake disc.

What Are Brake Calipers?

Brake pads for motorcycles are just one part of the system that needs regular attention and maintenance. When front brake pads wear out, the motorcycle loses stopping force. Floating front calipers are designed to ensure contact on both sides of the disc. Rear brake pads can also use floating calipers, but some bikes use fixed calipers. Find both in our selection of brake calipers.

Most motorcycles need specialized hardware to install new motorcycle brake pads, rotors or calipers. Our selection of brake hardware includes front brake rotor hardware kits, rear brake kits and bolt kits. Shop our wide array of Harley motorcycle pads and related equipment for brakes.