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Motorcycle Accent Lighting

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Adding Motorcycle Accent Lights

Add motorcycle accent lights to an H-D motorcycle. Our selection of motorcycle accent lighting and motorcycle LED lights provides distinct advantages. These benefits include greater bike visibility and enhanced aesthetic appeal. However, it’s important to check the state’s motorcycle laws to make sure that adding accent lighting is legal. For example, some states limit the color spectrum of forward-shining and rear-shining lights. Our inventory of accent lighting includes aftermarket headlight replacements, lights around motorcycle trim, LED strips, a motorcycle accent lights kit and other types of motorcycle LED accent lights. Many states require choosing headlight replacements in the white-to-yellow area of the color spectrum.

The types of motorcycle accent lights include different light colors, color-changing lights, underglow lighting and popular strip lights that better match and adjust to the curves of motorcycle trim features. Locating custom motorcycle accessories and trim makes it easier to personalize a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with stand-alone or complementary trim items. These include custom covers, engine accent kits, sissy bar mounts, saddlebag mounting kits, hardware kits, fuel caps, fender skirts and other motorcycle accessories from our Harley-Davidson collections like motorcycle LED accent lights.

Add a Futuristic Look to Your Bike

Riders can customize their personal appearances by adding motorcycle LED lights to helmets to foster a futuristic look. Accent lighting can be used to customize under seats, passenger areas, engines, fenders, windshields, cowl openings and body vents. Other methods of putting a unique stamp on a motorcycle include using motorcycle paint and paint kits to transform a bike with a preferred color like pink or purple. Choosing one of our paint kits allows a rider to remodel a bike in a personal style without entertaining advice from well-meaning friends. Riders can also choose complementary or contrasting colors for painting other bike accessories.

Personalizing a motorcycle with OEM Harley motorcycle gauges and instruments and a motorcycle accent lights kit can transform an H-D motorcycle. Riders can choose from a wide selection of speedometer/tachometer gauges, instruments like readout-capable oil dipsticks, handlebar thermometers and clocks and combination fuel-caps that report the level of fuel. Browse our selection in the Harley-Davidson online shop.