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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now


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2009 CVO Road Glide for Sale

Used 2009 CVO Road Glide Motorcycles

One of the most iconic models in the Harley-Davidson lineup is the 2009 CVO Road Glide. With styling that looks like it just rolled out of a custom shop, these motorcycles clearly represent the Road Glide line that has been a staple of Harley-Davidson's motorcycle offerings for years. The 2009 Road Glide CVO group is the third model edition from the group, with the first appearing in 2000.

Finding a 2009 CVO Road Glide for Sale

Finding a used 2009 CVO Road Glide for sale is very simple with the Harley-Davidson Marketplace. We have a wide selection of used Road Glide motorcycles on our online platform, including various 2009 CVO Road Glide models. These models can be sorted by price, color, or mileage so riders can find exactly what they are looking for.

The Harley-Davidson Marketplace has a vast selection of used motorcycles. We carry everything from used Grand American Touring motorcycles to trikes and sport bikes. Our inventory is changing all the time, so check back frequently to see what new offerings we have available. Take a look at our used Harley-Davidson Road Glide CVO 2009 models today!