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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now


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Breakout for Sale

Used Harley Breakout Is Classic

Harley Breakout motorcycle features set themselves apart from other bikes in the Harley-Davidson Marketplace. Some details on several bikes in the Marketplace under the Breakout category make the average person think these are all very different bikes. However, they are actually the same make but slightly different models based on the year of production.

Fat rear tires and narrow front tires in a telescoping fork set the used Harley-Davidson Breakout bikes apart. They are indeed a cruiser type of bike, as categorized by H-D. Low to the ground, these motorcycles have a low and stretched-out profile reminiscent of some of the first chopper motorcycles on the road decades ago.

Lots of Customization on Used Harley-Davidson Breakouts

One of the many things buyers, riders, and collectors first notice about the Breakouts is the amount of customization these bikes have. Almost no two bikes, used or otherwise, have the exact same look because they cater to a subset of motorcycle enthusiasts that like to customize their rides. That is why hundreds of used Breakout motorcycles are so collectible. The paint jobs, chrome, leather, etc., are unique from one bike to the next.

Used Cruisers and More

When looking for a used Breakout motorcycle, it's likely that customers will come across used cruisers of all kinds. Harley-Davidson created a variety of used cruiser motorcycles, although none really can match or compete with the unique features of the Breakout. Still, customers who enjoy the ride of a cruiser motorcycle and love the fat rear tire should explore the many other cruiser bikes H-D makes.

Check out the latest selection of Used Harley-Davidson Breakout motorcycles and more through the H-D1 Marketplace, and then schedule a test ride with a bike that's available at a dealership close to home. The only way to pick the right bike is to ride it first.