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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.
Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Harley-Davidson Membership

Harley Owners Group Benefits

Powered by the legacy and feedback of H.O.G. members, Harley-Davidson’s official riding club has expanded its exclusive member benefits through H-D Membership.

Start Enjoying Harley Owners Group Benefits Today

Explore your new membership benefits and connect with the community of fellow riders in your area and worldwide. Harley Owners Group is our pinnacle membership plan with benefits to support every rider’s journey.





H-D community interaction features

Exclusive access to H-D content



Deluxe roadside assistance (2 H-D VINs unlimited coverage)

Access to national partnership benefits

EagleRider Bike rentals discount Rentals & Tours
Exclusive Riding Content

HOG chapters, Ride 365 challenges, and rallies

Riding Academy loyalty points bonus 5,000 Points



Access to exclusive paid-tier events Riding events
Ability to invite +1 to exclusive events

Discounts to paid membership experiences

Unlimited H-D Museum visits

HOG only access at events



Expedited/free shipping on H-D.com Expedited $50+
Early access to selected product Riding A&L / P&A
Annual H-D gift Pin/Patch
Harley Owners Group publication1

Exclusive HOG T-Shirt for Auto Renewal



All Engagement Rewards

Points per $ spent at H-D 4
Points per mile ridden2

Additional H-D Visa Points (Card Holders only)



Hilton stays get 10% off

SiriusXM get 4 months streaming free

Shell Fuel Rewards® program gives 5c/gal savings on every fill-up with complimentary Gold status at participating Shell stations.

EagleRider discount of 10% on rentals

EagleRider discount of 5% on tours


Harley Owners Group is the official riding club of Harley-Davidson and is the longest running factory-sponsored club in the world. If you own a Harley, this membership is made for you. Harley owners will enjoy exclusive benefits compared to Riders Pass such as participating in the Ride 365 program, deluxe roadside assistance, and excusive content, rallies, parties and so much more.

Peace of mind with 24/7/365 roadside assistance. You get unlimited service coverage for up to two H-D bikes with roadside costs covered in full, including complementary towing to the nearest H-D dealership. If you need support or have questions, just call 1-888-443-5896.

You can renew your HOG Membership online here or by calling with a valid credit card. To renew online, click the RENEW tab to the left. Select Auto-Renew if you would like to have your membership automatically renewed every year and you will receive a free HOG T-shirt! Otherwise, just call Member Services Center at 800-258-2464 and they will help you out.

You can get a new H.O.G.® membership card by contacting our Member Services Center at 800-258-2464. The cost is US $5. You always have a digital card available to you in your profile on the H-D App. Or, you can always renew your membership at any time and get a new card with your Membership Package.

You will need to go to your H.O.G. Member Account onto H-D.com and login. This is separate from your H-D Membership Account on the H-D App. Once you login to your exclusive H.O.G. only website, you can access all of your benefits including Ride 365.

Membership packages will arrive within 30 days after processing your renewal. If it has been longer than 30 days, we can look into the shipping status by calling the Member Services Center at 800-258-2464 and they will help you out. But just know that we are on it, and it is on the way.

Current H.O.G. members will be automatically grandfathered into the Harley Owners Group tier of the H-D Membership program, at no additional cost, and can renew upon expiry at $59. Former HOG Associate members will be able to continue as HOG Passengers in the new H-D Membership Program. It will still cost $59, but HOG Passengers will receive a 3,000 point reward (worth $30) as a credit. Please note HOG Passengers are not eligible for Roadside assistance benefits.

Lifetime membership will be honored in the H-D Membership program, at no additional cost. For current multi-year H.O.G. members, their remaining tenure will be honored until the current term expires. At renewal, they will be eligible to continue with the Harley Owners Group membership at $59.

Some things in life just can’t be replicated online. That’s true for epic rides on your motorcycle and it’s true for riding benefits through H.O.G. The new program offers lots of digital enhancements that we think riders and non-riders will enjoy, but H.O.G. always be rooted in two-wheeled adventure and freedom for the soul.

Login to the H-D app and in the upper left corner, click on the profile icon. Navigate to the Membership section and click the View icon. Finally, click on My Benefits and then select Partner Benefits.

1Benefit to be launched in 2024

2H-D Visa Card holders receive one or two points for miles ridden, in additional to H-D Membership points, depending on the Visa Card.