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Motorcycle Clutch & Drivetrain

Motorcycle Clutch & Drivetrain Kits

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle motorcycle clutch kits can increase the torque-handling capacity of a bike’s clutch. The clutch sends power from the engine to the transmission, and the amount transferred depends on the clutch’s size, the springs, and the pressure plate. Our line of Screamin' Eagle performance drivetrain and clutch components can give a Harley a higher torque output. We offer a variety of performance clutch kits for H-D motorcycles, so there’s one for any H-D bike that needs one.

The clutch disengages the transmission power from the engine to keep a bike from stalling as the rider switches gears. It consists of a stack of plates that alternate between friction plates and steel plates. Our performance motorcycle clutch kits offer either enhanced friction plates or added plates to increase the surface area and torque. The motorcycle’s owner can choose the best clutch kit for the bike. When the rider squeezes the clutch lever, the plates separate to release the engine from the transmission. It stops the motorcycle while the engine runs since the steel plates can move freely or "slip" against the friction plates without connecting. We provide slip-assisting clutch kits to decrease the shock a drivetrain experiences with rapid gear shifts.

Check out Harley-Davidson for any motorcycle clutch system need. We have variable pressure clutches that apply pressure to the pressure plate as the RPM increases, which provides better clutch disengagement at lower speeds. When the bike is idling, the effort on the clutch lever is the same while still allowing a higher torque output. High-tension springs can increase the torque and horsepower transferred through the clutch system. Our selection of clutch and drivetrain components also includes Screamin’ Eagle drivetrains, compensators, and Screamin’ Eagle clutch baskets.