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Motorcycle Shocks

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A Variety of Motorcycle Shock Absorbers

At Harley-Davidson, we offer several different types of motorcycle shock absorbers. They include motorcycle dual shocks, motorcycle front shock absorbers, adjustable motorcycle shocks, motorcycle air shocks and vintage motorcycle shocks. The shock absorbers perform two important functions: supporting the motorcycle's weight with a cushioning or shock-absorbing effect and controlling up-and-down oscillations through damping.

Motorcycle Shocks for Each Specific Harley Model

Each type of motorcycle shock absorber in our inventory pairs with a specific model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle. To determine which shock absorber to use for your bike, check the owner’s manual or consult a certified motorcycle technician. Whatever riding style, Harley-Davidson motorcycles can give the ultimate experience on the road. For Harley-Davidson peak performance, we recommend using only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shock absorbers and only buying them directly from Harley-Davidson. OEM shock absorbers will provide superior comfort and longevity compared with most aftermarket shock absorbers out there.

When Service is Needed

Harley-Davidson shock absorbers come with installation instructions and a one-year limited warranty. The service interval for Harley-Davidson motorcycle front shocks and back shocks depends on several factors such as driving style, driving conditions, maintenance, and environmental conditions. We suggest following the service interval that Harley-Davidson recommends; find it in the owner’s manual for the motorcycle. A few indications of faulty or worn shock absorbers tell when it’s time for service. These include stiff or spongy suspension that causes bumpy or uncomfortable rides, unusual noises or swerving when braking, uneven tread wear on the tires and delayed or sluggish response from the brakes.

If any of these warning signs occur, it might be time to change the shock absorbers or brake pads. One could also consider one of our suspension kits to customize riding experience. It’s important to keep all motorcycle parts in good condition. If continuing to ride with faulty or worn-out shock absorbers, you can risk further damage to them and other components of a Harley-Davidson bike.