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Motorcycle Brake Caliper Inserts & Covers

Brake Caliper Covers and Inserts

A motorcycle's brakes and suspension are arguably the most important systems to care for and maintain. Brake calipers are activated when the brake lever is pulled, which causes hydraulic brake fluid to increase pressure on caliper pistons, which clamp onto the brake rotor. This creates friction that will slow down and stop a motorcycle. Many will concern themselves with the care and maintenance of an engine, and they should practice the same care for the motorcycle's brake system.

Brake calipers can be upgraded to match the desired aesthetic of any motorcycle using brake caliper covers and inserts. Designed to enhance the motorcycle's look down to the finest detail, Harley-Davidson provides an array of options.

Taking Brake Calipers to the Next Level

While not unattractive, brake calipers are designed purely with function in mind. Pride in ownership is something Harley-Davidson owners take very seriously. Hence, it only stands to reason that their pride extends beyond pure function. This is where motorcycle brake calipers and inserts become integral to bike ownership.

Similar to other upgrades that can be made to a motorcycle to increase its visual appeal, brake caliper covers and inserts make for an excellent finishing touch. Paint jobs, chrome finishes, and braided lines aside, these covers and inserts prove to other owners and admirers that no attention to detail has been spared.

Designed to make calipers stand out from the crowd and offer proud Harley-Davidson owners an opportunity to make a bold statement, covers, and inserts make for a nice finishing touch to any motorcycle. These high-quality products are also effortless to install for the common user. Made from stainless steel, caliper covers and inserts can enhance any caliper part.

Nothing Is Overlooked

Brake calipers can be enhanced with a screen or a badge. There are, additionally, options to cover the hardware of the caliper, such as bolt covers and bleed screw covers. No other brand has the quality motorcycle parts that Harley-Davidson offers for reliability and head-turning appeal.