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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Motorcycle Batteries

Stay Road Ready

Choosing the right battery

Avoid the dead battery blues with a new Harley-Davidson® Lithium LiFe or OEM AGM Lead-Acid battery. Lithium LiFe batteries offer unequalled cranking power and a significant weight reduction over an AGM lead acid battery. OEM AGM batteries are durable, long-lasting and trouble-free. 

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Quality Motorcycle Batteries and Chargers

Motorcycle chargers and batteries and are critical components of any motorcycle. These components play a vital role in ensuring that Harley-Davidson motorcycles run smoothly and efficiently and start up quickly when needed.

Original Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Batteries

Reliability, durability, and overall power are the aspects to look for when shopping for motorcycle batteries. The best battery for motorcycles is the one that performs above and beyond its warranty, and this is what Harley-Davidson riders get when they opt for original equipment.

Vehicle protection should always be a priority when evaluating motorcycle batteries. For example, a lithium motorcycle battery can last twice as long as its traditional counterparts manufactured with lead-acid technology, and it is controlled by a smart management system that prevents voltage spikes in high temperatures. This is certainly an advantage for riders who operate and park their Harleys in regions where high temperatures can interfere with battery performance.

Upgrading to Harley-Davidson Batteries

Most riders who choose a lithium motorcycle battery swap out the old one when the time for scheduled maintenance arrives. For this reason, it is not unusual for Harley owners to pick up oil change kits or tune-up kits when they decide to upgrade. This is a smart move because a battery for motorcycles is generally expected to outlast at least one tune-up.

Battery Chargers

To ensure that motorcycle batteries continue to function effectively, they must be charged regularly. Our motorcycle battery chargers come in different types, and they vary in terms of their charging speeds, capacity, and compatibility. We offer chargers that range from bare battery tenders to advanced, multi-stage chargers with multiple charging ports. To explore our full range of battery chargers, visit the Harley-Davidson website.

Motorcycle Charging Accessories

A key aspect of maintaining motorcycles is ensuring they have a functioning battery. Using a lithium motorcycle battery is becoming increasingly popular due to its lighter weight and longer lifespan. Charging accessories serve as a means to keep motorcycle batteries at their optimal level of charge, prolonging their lifespan. Whether riders need a simple trickle charger or a more advanced solution, we have them covered.

Since motorcycle batteries and chargers play a crucial role in the functioning of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, choosing the correct type of lithium motorcycle battery and charging accessories is essential for ensuring their longevity and efficiency. Whether a rider is looking for a long-lasting motorcycle battery or a quick-charging charger, there is an option available for everyone. Browse our Harley-Davidson website to see all our motorcycle batteries and chargers.