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Motorcycle Axle Nut Covers

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Axle Covers

Harley-Davidson axle nut covers are stylish and versatile, and we offer plenty of options of front axle cap sizes. It's up to each rider to decide which axle nut covers suit him or her. These machine-finished rear and front axle nut covers come in a variety of colors and styles. There are covers with a black metal look featuring different H-D logos and other covers with no inscription or logo. Some riders prefer a simple bronze cover with hex nuts to keep them in place.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Of course, chrome-plated axle covers will sparkle in the distance. Choosing a cover is all about variety. We offer flush chrome covers or elevated covers to make a motorcycle stand out on the road or while parked in a line of bikes at the nearest rally. Some chrome covers come with the Harley-Davidson logo in either black on chrome or white on black metal. We even have a chrome retainer nut kit to complete the look. If the axle nut cover just doesn’t seem right, but you still want to add chrome, check out our collection of rear axle covers. They have a wedge shape and a chrome finish. These covers come in a flush design with no logo or a more stylish cover with our name or logo emblazoned on it. Front and rear axle nut covers for motorcycles come in all shapes and are custom-made for various bikes. Most importantly, the rider can easily learn how to remove an axle nut cover and install a new one.

Nut covers for axles are just one way to spruce up a new motorcycle. At Harley-Davidson, we offer many different ways to give motorcycles a personalized look with our decorative hardware, cam covers, front end trim, and more.