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Men's Half-Zips & Sweaters

Harley Davidson Men's Sweaters

Harley-Davidson has fashionable and functional men's sweaters that come in multiple cuts, so you can get the style that fits your body type. We have biker sweaters with the mock-neck or crew-neck style. We specialize in men's biker fashion, so we have plenty of men’s half-zip sweaters as well as pullover options. We have sweaters that are made with 100 percent cotton with the mock neck style and buttons connecting the collar. You can get find our men's quarter-zip sweaters from small all the way to five times extra-large. These are versatile sweaters that can blend into a casual or a formal environment.

We have lots of fashionable items like two-toned, black-on-grey-styled sweaters with the Harley-Davidson logo embroidered on the chest. These mens' quarter zip sweater is made of a material that is lightweight and soft, but it is still durable and can handle all of the elements. The collar is connected with a zipper with graphics on the inside behind the neck. If you like that classic look, you need to check out our basic-style, micro-woven sweaters. From a distance, the sweater looks solid with minimal details, but up close, you can see the craftsmanship in every stitch. The Harley-Davidson logo protrudes on the left side of the chest, and the collar and waistband are stitched in a series of columns. Our sweaters and men's quarter-zip jackets are designed with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind, but anybody that has an eye for fashion will appreciate how we stay on top of current trends. Wear your Harley-Davidson half-zip sweater over our line of short-sleeve T-shirts for a layered look along with a pair of motorcycle jeans, and complete your outfit with a stylish watch.