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Men's Motorcycle Overpants

Men's Overpants

Riders wear motorcycle overpants for commuting over their regular jeans or pants along with a sturdy Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket and solid riding shoes, for maximum protection. Overpants are kind of like pants with armor for riding. The main difference in overpants vs riding pants is that, as their name implies, overpants go over your riding pants. At Harley-Davidson, we have motorcycle overpants that come in different sizes, colors, and styles. Whether you want textile overpants or leather motorcycle overpants, we have them all at an affordable price.

When purchasing a product, you must make the most out of it. A pair of leather overpants should't be only for commuting, but should also suit other mechanical and adventurous activities. For this reason, we provide our clients with tough overpants designed to adapt to any situation.

Are motorcycle overpants waterproof? Our overpants come with a modern-day waterproof technology that makes it possible for riders to rack up miles in any condition.

Waterproof heat shields help enhance your grip while compatible jackets help protect you from frost and natural elements. Thigh vents make you more comfortable during your ride by leaving room for adequate airflow. Other functional design features include armor pockets, reflectivity, and buckle waist tabs that enhance mobility.

Features that enhance the pants' protective nature include reinforced knees and seat, heat protectors at the lower part of the legs, and body armor pockets. The knee is one of the most crucial points that needs to be well protected and comfortable. Furthermore, if you get involved in a bike accident, the chances are that you will land on your butt or knees. Having an ideal pair of overpants or riding pants will provide you reinforcement in these areas so that, if you do get into an accident, you'll have more support to protect you.