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Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.
Ready to Ride? Let us sweeten the deal. See Available Offers.

Financing on your terms: H-D Flex Financing


H-D Flex Financing

An alternate way to purchase your next H-D® motorcycle that combines the benefits of attractive monthly payments and the ability to return your motorcycle at the end of term, similar to a lease.32

Benefits for the Rider

Compare Financing Rates

  Flex Financing Traditional Financing
Bike Types New H-D® Touring, Trike and CVO Bikes All bikes
Terms 36 and 48-months
24 to 84-months, 96-months on select models


Lower monthly payments throughout your term with a single final balloon payment33



You will pay the same amount each month until the bike is paid off


End of Term


Trade-in1 for a new H-D® model

Keep your current bike after paying off remainder

Refinance2 your balloon payment with HDFS

Return3 your bike after settling your account balance


Your loan is fully paid off. The bike is yours to keep or trade-in

1 - Subject to dealer acceptance

2 - Subject to credit approval

3 - A return fee up to $395, excess wear, mileage and other charges may apply. Some motorcycles may be ineligible for return due to excess wear and tear, excessive modifications, or other conditions.