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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Women's Leather Chaps

Form-Fitting Women's Leather Chaps

One of the most classic and iconic types of attire to wear for motorcycle enthusiasts are women's leather motorcycle chaps. Motorcycle chaps are eye-catching and enhance the appearance of any type of outfit. They are designed to wear over women's jeans and pants. They make a statement and can allow any rider to look and feel experienced while operating a bike on the highway.

Our women's leather chaps turn heads and can continue to be worn after getting off the motorcycle. They're ideal for wearing in any climate and can act as a barrier against some of the harsher elements riders encounter while spending time outdoors on a motorcycle. They can also help prevent abrasions from developing on the skin while sitting for long periods on the back of a bike.

A Unique Fit

Our women's leather motorcycle chaps are designed to feel comfortable without getting in the way of a motorcycle when a rider hops on and off her bike during the day. They can also offer peace of mind, giving riders additional coverage, if they happen to fall off a bike. Our women's motorcycle overpants offer additional protection in a variety of textile options.

Women’s Leather Chaps Offer Stylish Flair

Not only are leather chaps for women functional with the extra coverage they offer, but they're also stylish and look bold and dramatic while riding a Harley-Davidson. We have a variety of leather chaps for women available in our inventory, making it easy to have more options and create different looks. The unique details and designs allow the chaps to have a classic look but still appear contemporary with the materials used. Wearing women's motorcycle jewelry from our collection also complements the feminine look of the chaps when riders are headed out for different types of events and occasions.

Shop our women's leather motorcycle chaps to find the perfect apparel to wear for an upcoming outing or road trip. Our women's motorcycle pants are available in different sizes and can make it more comfortable to spend several hours riding a motorcycle.