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Motorcycle Turn Signal Relocation Kits

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Harley-Davidson Turn Signal Relocation Kits

Harley-Davidson turn signal relocation kits are made with bike customization in mind. The kits move the turn signals and lighting to another area of the bike. Usually, turn signal relocation kits are purchased when handlebar mounted mirrors are added, changed, or replaced with different styles of mirrors.

The Placement of Batteries and Chargers

When relocating turn signals, motorcycle batteries and chargers frequently have to be rewired as well. The turn signal relocation kit will show how the wires from the relocated turn signal connect to the rest of the electrical system in the motorcycle. The battery has to be enough to fuel the new turn signal system without drawing down the power and life of the battery.

Rear Turn Signal Relocation Kit and Rear End Trim

A rear turn signal relocation kit relocates the rear turn signal to a point where it may be more visible or obvious to vehicle drivers on the road. It tends to remove the turn signal from its rear casing and extend it beyond the back tire a little bit. It is also possible to reposition the rear turn signal and still encase it with rear end trim.

Rear end trim may be black, shiny silver chrome, or some other color. Generally, it is meant to encase the wiring and turn signal that is present or has been relocated to a different position on the back of the motorcycle. Take a look at all of these modification kits and parts Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle enthusiasts.