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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Motorcycle Sprockets

Quality Motorcycle Sprocket Selection

Harley-Davidson stocks a wide selection of motorcycle sprockets and motorcycle wheel components to customize any H-D bike to add to a bike's overall aesthetic. Available in silver, chrome and black, there are several sprocket covers to choose from to enhance a motorcycle’s existing style.

Motorcycle enthusiasts can discover several options for motorcycle rear sprockets. These motorcycle rear sprockets not only match the styling of original Harley-Davidson equipment, but they will also fit all factory-installed motorcycle wheels if they are from the H-D inventory.

Drivers can choose from many options at Harley-Davidson. Our motorcycle tire accessories contain everything needed to install sprocket replacements. Plus, drivers can customize their bikes with alternate wheel styles if desired. In addition to sprocket replacements, there are also several available covers. Likewise, a driver can choose from numerous accessories, like valve stem caps.

Replacements for Front Sprockets

Motorcycle sprockets can affect a motorcycle's final drive ratio, depending on the diameter. A larger front sprocket may be able to improve the top speed at the cost of acceleration. Since a larger rear sprocket would increase the wheel's diameter, it may boost top speed. The final drive ratio measures the size ratio between a bike's transmission and its tires. An aftermarket front sprocket may affect the drive ratio, boosting top speed.

Harley-Davidson also stocks plenty of tools and motorcycle tire accessories. From tire gauges to tread depth indicators, they are readily available online. Also, if a bike's valve stem needs an extension, compatible parts are online too. They even keep leather pouches that fit these tools, so drivers can store them in style. A small compact air compressor would allow easy tire inflation using the bike's battery. Shop today and find the motorcycle sprockets that fit a Harley.