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Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Performance Motorcycle Spark Plugs

A wide variety of motorcycle spark plugs that riders need are available here at Harley-Davidson. We have standard spark plug options for bikes that use standard plugs. We also offer options that are cleaner burning, which is great for applications with a rich air-fuel mixture. Someone riding a racing bike might need them. Motorcycle spark plug wires are a good idea to make sure the bike always has a great connection.

Consider a Cooling Fan

We can also set a rider up with one of our motorcycle cooling fan kits. These reduce the engine's operating temperatures without blowing warm air onto the rider’s legs. The cooling fan kits direct air away from the engine, lowering its temperature. Riders who install these tend to notice a smoother bike performance. Plus, the motorcycle shouldn't feel too hot if it's ever stuck in traffic.

We’re Here to Help

We can provide replacement spark plugs or help with grounding an electrode. Replacing spark plugs can boost a motorcycle’s fuel economy, and it will help improve the performance of the ignition system. We also have a variety of motorcycle batteries to fit your Harley bike. A new battery reduces the chances of getting stuck on the road without a working ride.

We've got the motorcycle spark plugs Harley owners need for a great riding experience. Consider a set of copper spark plugs. They have ideal conductivity, so they'll ignite the bike's combustion chamber. Our savvy Harley-Davidson associates can help with installation at any of our retail stores. You can also place an order online and receive it at home or work.