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A Celebration 120 Years in the Making. Watch Now

Motorcycle Locks & Helmet Locks

When you're traveling on your motorcycle, it's important to keep your belongings secure. That's where Harley-Davidson locks and keys come in handy for riders. We've got everything from latches to protect your luggage rack to super durable fork locks. There's no need to take chances when you need security for motorcycle accessories. Our products can keep your helmet, jacket, and other items safe.

At Harley-Davidson, we have different lock types, such as corded, latch, clamps, and padlocks for motorcycles. Our corded locks come encased in vinyl and with an access key. What makes these locks ideal is their versatility, especially when you want to secure multiple objects via a long cord. We also have heavy-duty chain lock and U-lock kits that can secure your entire motorcycle to stationary objects. The nylon casing helps prevent scratching when you wrap the chain through your bike.

As for our latches, they are ideal for securing sissy bars and mounting racks. These locking latches, which provide a tight hold, come with a pair of keys for unlocking. If your motorcycle has a windshield, consider using one of our quick-release clamps. These chrome-plated clamps feature a push-button lock that replaces one of the original windshield clamps. This will stop someone from taking off with your windshield.

For your helmet, you could go for a handlebar lock that looks nice while offering protection from grab-and-go theft. These universal D-ring locks, which are set via a four-digit code, come with robust construction and feature heavy-duty, durable metal. They are perfect for both men's helmets and women's helmets. You can complement our D-ring locks with a coiling security cable that will hold your jacket or helmet. With our top-quality locks, it's easy to keep your belongings protected and enjoy some extra security for your motorcycle.