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Pant Liners

Men's Motorcycle Pant Liners

Riding a motorcycle in the chilly months is not only possible but comfortable with the right pant liners. Liners are a vital component of a rider's gear, especially in cold climates. Not only are low temperatures uncomfortable and downright miserable at times, but they can also be dangerous for riders. Men's motorcycle pant liners are a lightweight layer that provides added warmth against the bitter cold. Liners are perfect for the full-time rider or anyone who finds themselves on their bike in colder temperatures.

With Harley-Davidson liners, frigid cold legs are a thing of the past. The programmable liners use an infrared heating system to rapidly and evenly distribute heat through a total of four heating panels in the knees and lower legs. The 12-volt heating system can be connected with the H-D sock liners, jacket liners, and glove liners for full-body warmth. The systems connect with coaxial plugs found in both legs. The available wireless wrist controller makes using the system safe and simple to operate on the go without taking your eyes off the road. The liners have an elastic back waistband and a zipper fly for flawless functionality and a comfortable fit. Furthermore, H-D heated liners have a three-year limited warranty and come in sizes small through 3XL, so you are sure to find the right fit for you.

The warmth provided by liners allows riders the freedom to venture out in any weather and still be comfortable. You can wear liners along with any other Harley-Davidson gear including motorcycle jackets. Most riders can say they have experienced the biting cold of riding in the winter. Avoid being left out in the cold, and add Harley-Davidson liners to your riding gear arsenal.