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Men's Motorcycle Long Sleeve Shirts

Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Harley-Davidson's long sleeve motorcycle shirts represent what all riders are looking for. The goal of our shirts is to encompass the spirit and authenticity of motorcycling. As bikers are often traveling outside in various weather conditions, wearing a long sleeve shirt is useful. Long sleeves can protect you from sun damage that could lead to skin cancer. Even in the case of going hiking, our motorcycle shirts can protect you from branches, bugs, and animals. The material in these shirts utilizes common materials such as cotton, cotton twill, and polyester.

In addition, long sleeve shirts in men's sizes are capable of keeping you cool on hot summer days. Harley-Davidson offers various styles of long sleeve shirts you can wear with your jeans, so you'll always be stylish and comfortable.

You can get thermal men's long sleeved shirts. Our thermal shirts have a unique thermal knit with contrast stitching. Another type of long sleeved shirt that we provide are stretched button-up long sleeve shirts. Just like the name suggests, these shirts can fit a variety of sizes. Moreover, most of the shirts include a snap front, a cuff and collar, and patch chest pockets.

The design of Harley-Davidson long sleeve motorcycle shirts are perfect for more casual occasions, especially out on the road. These motorcycle shirts have unique graphics that can only be found in our store. These shirts will highlight your physical features as well as keep you cozy and warm. The shirts can also be an additional layering piece to a jacket or vest. You can always wear a Harley-Davidson motorcycle long sleeve shirt because they're suitable for any and every occasion.