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A first ride on the 2024 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® on the edge of America: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. 

Words by Scott G. Toepfer 

Photography by Aaron Brimhall, John Ryan Hebert, Steven Richards, Buddy Will

Even at first light with bleary eyes, the view of Lake Quinault is striking, with a morning mist hanging in the air above the glassy water, as quiet and as still as a painting. It is but one of the many moving and provocative scenes provided by the Olympic Peninsula, which is a naturally occurring terrarium where diverse creatures cohabitate, new growth thrives atop decay, and the realization of our mortality has never seemed more beautiful. 

The “Last Wilderness” has seen a lot over its centuries, and today it is a capsule of history and preservation, navigable only by following the care-free, two-lane interstate, 101, that wraps around the entire peninsula and takes you past every major landmark you might like to see. On the primordial coastline of Lake Quinault, on the southwest corner of the peninsula, we meet two lovers, Leticia Cline and Mike Wolfe, who are in awe of their surroundings, in awe of each other, and riding side by side on all-new 2024 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide motorcycles. 

“It’s like no other place,” Cline says. “It's vast and makes you feel small, and it humbles you because the trees are so big and so dense, and then the ocean is so far and wide.” 

The Olympic Peninsula is home to America’s largest rainforest, which should tell you that it gets a fair amount of annual rainfall, and as such the roads never seem to completely dry, but that didn’t pose issue for Cline or Wolfe, who felt confident in the handling and braking of their 2024 Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycles; as a curious as it is to describe a touring motorcycle as agile, the weight savings of the redesigned chassis cannot be understated when riding tight corners on damp roads. 

The more sparsely populated northeast corner of the peninsula was calling, and we headed directly to Neah Bay. Considered too out of the way for many loop rides, it is a soothing place to hang your helmet and enjoy the sights of whales and eagles in the calm water. Tribal lands are often some of the most spectacular and preserved, and we recommend visiting the Makah Cultural and Research Museum for a chance to learn about the native Cape People’s history on the bay. 

With the sun dropping behind our backs, we headed to Port Angeles for the night. The fast twisty roads felt commonplace at this point, and our heads were so full of memories from the day that it didn’t feel like we could handle much more than a hot meal and a soft bed. Just as soon as those thoughts appeared, Lake Crescent appeared to our left.  This postcard of a view was only superseded by the road ahead of us. Newly paved with brief sweeping corners and the occasional third-gear tight left, it was as fun a road as you can experience on a motorcycle. Where else can you be surrounded by a landscape more accustomed to European alpine vistas, and solely be focused on how fun the next set of corners is going to be? The adrenaline from this five-mile stretch was enough to put pegs against pavement as the light faded and we entered the town of Port Angeles. 


Every aspect of the Street Glide has been reimagined and refined for an immersive riding experience. Redesigned bodywork, revolutionary tech, LED lighting, and noticeable weight savings work to elevate this all-new Grand American Touring motorcycle.

The Route We Rode

Riding around the Olympic Peninsula is as easy as it gets. Starting clockwise from Aberdeen, WA, Highway 101 loops around the entire peninsula, with small towns and port villages interspersed throughout the route. Make stops in Neah Bay, Port Angeles, and Port Townsend for good eating and impromptu whale watching. 

The Riders

Leticia Cline

She is a bit of an enigma. Depending on where you cross paths with Leticia Cline, she may be working as a mother, small business owner, racer, presenter, builder, restorer, fundraiser, or a public servant. But really, what sets Leticia apart is that she somehow manages to hold all these occupations in a single person. When she’s not traveling on her Low Rider® ST, she’s working on one of many building projects in her hometown of Cave City, Kentucky. 

Mike Wolfe

Many will recognize Mike Wolfe as the charismatic and energetic host of the television show “American Pickers.” With an encyclopedic knowledge of historical Americana, he stands as one of the most knowledgeable people you could meet when it comes to Harley-Davidson. Mike has traveled the country seeking classic Harley® motorcycles and ephemera, amassing an impressive collection of both, and when you can share space with him, you’ll revel in the stories he is willing to share. 

Pack it: H-D Flex Layering System 

From one stop to the next, changes in weather and elevation require adding or removing some clothing to keep your ride as comfortable as possible. With an armored base layer, windbreaker, and trucker riding jacket, the H-D Flex Layering System allows for flexibility with unexpected climate shifts as well as added protection. 

Eat. Sleep. Drink. 


Hama Hama Oyster Saloon | Lilliwaup, WA: Waterfront seafood spot with a rustic feel and outdoor picnic tables.  

Blueberry Café | Joyce, WA: The $33 Sasquatch burger has a 20-ounce beef patty with bacon, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  

Fat Smitty’s | Port Townsend, WA: Enjoy a greasy burger as you look through the hundreds of dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. 



Lake Quinault Lodge | Quinault, WA: Cozy accommodations supply everything a rider could need from a genuine disconnection from everyday mundane. 

Five SeaSuns Bed & Breakfast | Port Angeles, WA: A traditionally intimate bed and breakfast that stands out above the local roadside motels.  

Palace Hotel | Port Townsend, WA: A historic building in downtown Port Townsend, with old world décor and spacious rooms. 



Bar 9 | Port Angeles, WA: Karaoke goes down well with some pub-perfect hot wings, and the locals appreciate wayward visitors. 

Finistère | Port Townsend, WA: A high-concept modern eatery serving oysters, locally sourced wines, and small plate American cuisine.  

Roosevelt Dining Room | Lake Quinault, WA: Within the Lake Quinault Lodge, the dining room and bar look out to the lake and forest beyond.