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Performance Shirts

Nothing is better than wearing Micro Mesh shirts with CoolCore Technology while out on a ride. These Harley-Davidson shirts keep you dry while exercising heavily at the gym or while you're out riding. It can also be used while at work or simply a long day outside in the sun. The shirt keeps moisture away from the body by drawing it to the top layer of the shirt.

This prevents bacteria build-up that could lead to body odor. The materials in the shirt consist of polyester and spandex 4-way stretch poplin. This material also regulates your body temperature, so even on a hot day at the park, you will feel cool and relaxed. These men's shirts are true to size and come in small, medium, and large.

Our performance t shirts are also similar to our moisture wicking shirts. They are sporty, lightweight, and utilizes Coolcore fabric to regulate the thermal temperatures of the body. The design of the shirts incorporates a rib-knit neckline. Harley-Davidson features tactical shirts and vented shirts in our store. The men's vented shirts are designed to dry efficiently and keep you comfortable. This is done through the use of polyester ripstop material. There are long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions of the shirt. The design of the shirt involves a snap-down collar, button front, zipper chest pockets, and an intense logo on the chest. Likewise, Harley-Davidson tactical shirts utilize ripstop fabric that will not fray or unravel in intense situations. This allows for maximum mobility for athletic activities. Moreover, it has concealed pockets that help put away important items or documents. These performance shirts are perfect for all occasions, so if you haven't already, get yourself one at Harley-Davidson today. You can also get jeans and a flat brim or biker hat to complete your look.