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Men's Motorcycle Heated Pant Liners

Men's Heated Pants

If you're eager to get out on the open road but winter frost has you nearly frozen to your bike seat, our heated motorcycle pant may be just what you're looking for. At Harley-Davidson, we are of the belief that riders shouldn't have to wait for the winter to thaw before they can hit the open road. That's why we were inspired to make our own line of rechargeable heated pants. Not only will these pants effectively insulate you against bone-chilling winds, but our 12-volt heated pants will also keep you warm and comfortable on your particularly frigid outings.

In order to maximize convenience and efficiency, we've designed our thermal biker pants with a wireless remote feature for our wireless heated pants. This eliminates the need take your eyes off the road or to make any adjustment stops. No longer will you need to wait for the next rest stop to appear before you can get situated. With the convenience of the wrist adjuster, you can blaze right past that rest stop in optimal comfort.

Additionally, the heated pants can be connected with our heated jackets and gloves to keep you warm from head to toe. If you're the type to ride whether it's rain or shine, snow or sleet, then you'll be well-protected from the elements by our carbon nanocore heating system. Our riding pants are made with 95% polyester and a 5% nylon outer shell to keep you dry no matter the weather. Of course, don't forget socks to complete your Harley-Davidson look.

Whether you live in a sub-arctic climate or you just enjoy a sunrise ride at dawn, our thermal biker pants will keep you warm and comfortable so that you can focus on the open road and the pure joy of your Harley.