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September 5–10, 2023 | Faaker See, Austria

European Bike Week 2023

Find your perfect accomodation for European Bike Week 2023.


2023 is an iconic year for Harley-Davidson® riders, and the milestones don’t end with the 120th anniversary of Harley-Davidson and the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Harley Owners Group®: It’s also the 25th anniversary of the first Harley-Davidson event at the now legendary Faaker See (lake Faak), in Carinthia, Austria. The finale to the European Bike Week is a free event, open to riders of all motorcycle brands, home to a selection of the most amazing riding machines you will ever see, and a meeting of motorcyclists from around the world. Plus of course some unique Harley-Davidson brand experiences.  

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Location & Date
Faaker See, Carinthia, Austria
September 5–10, 2023

Unforgettable Experiences

Opening Hours

The Harley-Davidson zone will be open:

Tuesday, Sept 5th: 12.00 to 20.00

Wednesday, Sept 6th to Saturday, Sept 9th: 10.00 to 20.00 


Make sure you check out the Harley-Davidson Expo, showcasing a selection of the very latest in the 2023 model range, including the 120th Anniversary models and the all-new CVO range, as well as somewhere for H.O.G. members to meet and connect with us. 

Try out some of the most desirable motorcycles in the Harley-Davidson 2023 lineup including Sport, Cruiser, Grand American Touring and Adventure Touring. Plus check out the new Live Action Arena for Pan America.

Live Music

A full and eclectic live music schedule is planned for this year’s event across two stages, so you can celebrate with others into the evening. Watch out on our social media channels for updates of the acts performing. 


Your opportunity to ride together with thousands of other H-D motorcycles in celebration of European Bike Week.

Knowledgeable Team

Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to receive you at this year’s European Bike Week. We look forward to meeting you in Austria.

Shopping Village

More than a 100 vendors will be on site.

Authorized Harley-Davidson retailer

A number of authorized H-D dealerships will be attending and exhibiting their latest range of clothing and accessories.

Rent a Motorcycle

Get rally ready with the bike of your choice. Choose from a variety of new models available at a convenient locations. Browse and enquire on-line or check your local Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Dealer for more information.

Make the most of your visit

Book your stay in local towns and villages near and around Lake Faak and serene Lake Ossiach, some of the most beautiful and scenic areas to experience Austrian hospitality.

Food and beverage

Our event features a wide selection of food and beverages on site. There will be coffee lounges and bars across the site where you can relax and listen to music — while catching up with friends and making new ones.

Amazing panoramic roads, winding mountain passes, countless destinations and relaxing stops await you on the southern Alps.

Plan for this event

  • Pack items that have more than one use. A multi-tool is handier than a basic pocket knife.
  • Pack all your cold weather and raingear no matter what time of year it is.
  • Lightweight synthetic clothing – such as T-shirts and underwear – can be washed in a hotel sink and dried overnight (cotton fabrics take too long to dry in this manner).
  • On long trips, consider bringing your rattiest underwear (or other clothing), then just throw it away when you're done with it!
  • Plastic bags make great boot liners if you forgot your gaiters. If you forgot your rain gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves make great, inexpensive substitutes.
  • A small towel can be wrapped around your neck during a rainstorm to keep water from running down your back – and doubles as a shop rag.

  • Don't fold your clothes – roll them. They take up less space that way.
  • Zipper-lock plastic bags of various sizes can be extremely useful for organizing items in saddlebags and duffle bags. They can make it easier to find and retrieve particular items without unpacking your entire motorcycle. Use the one-gallon size to pack one day's worth of clothes – jeans, undergarments, and shirt. This makes it easier to unpack just what you need.
  • When traveling with other riders, conserve space by comparing packing lists and eliminating duplicate items.
  • When traveling (two-up) with a partner, ask yourself questions such as: "Can we share a tube of toothpaste?" or "Can I get by using her shampoo for a week?"
  • Few things are as easy to pack as money or credit cards. If you're struggling with whether or not to bring a particular item, consider simply buying it on the road if you need it.

  • If you watch the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. When possible, lighter is better.
  • Check the cargo weight limits of your bike - as well as the bags and racks - and adjust tire pressure and suspension accordingly.
  • When loading your bike, keep as much weight as possible close to the bike's center of gravity. That means low and toward the tank, distributed evenly from side to side.

  • Before you begin your trip, make sure to review all local motorcycle laws for the states you'll be traveling in. 
  • A day or two before you leave, do a dry run. Pack the bike and go for a short ride, then adjust the load as needed.
  • If you're camping, set up your tent once or twice before you leave (and don't forget to waterproof it). Practice setting it up in the dark.
  • With your bike loaded for your road trip, check your headlamp to make sure it’s properly aimed.

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