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Ensuring your freedom

Warranty Services

When the unforseen happens, we'll help to keep you riding.

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Warranty Service Options
Cover Your Bike
We provide a number of solutions to ensure your ongoing freedom from unnecessary and unplanned expenses. You can rest assured that the products available carry the full endorsement of Harley-Davidson® and have been developed to fully satisfy the demands of you our customer.
Our Protection Services
Protection for the costs of unforeseen mechanical failure during the period of cover, and may also reimburse the costs associated with towing, car hire, and in some cases accommodation.

The depreciation of a motorcycle might leave you exposed in the event of a total loss or if your bike is stolen and not recovered.


The HARLEY | RETURN TO INVOICE shortfall benefit provides critical coverage to bridge the gap between the value paid by the insurer and the initial purchase price of your bike helping avoid added unexpected out of pocket costs.

In the event that your bike is damaged beyond repair or stolen and not recovered, the amount paid by your comprehensive insurer may be less than the amount still owed to your financier.


This difference is what we call ‘GAP’. HARLEY | GAP INSURANCE can pay to cover this shortfall, depending on the cover chosen, and in addition may pay for any incidental out of pocket expenses incurred along the way. 

Assistance with your bike loan repayments for each month that you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. Covers payments until you are fit to return to work or the loan is paid out.


This insurance can also provide cover for Involuntary Unemployment.

Covers you for the cost of repairs needed as a result of tyre or wheel damage.


This insurance may also cover towing, car hire and accommodation costs if your bike breaks down more than 100km from home and can’t be repaired the same day.

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The Insurance products shown above are issued by Eric Insurance Limited ABN 18 009 129 793 AFSL 238279 (Eric). This document may contain general financial product advice that does not take into account your personal financial circumstances. Please consider the relevant PDS before making a decision about these products. You can obtain the relevant PDS from this dealership or by contacting Eric Insurance 1800 999 977.

* Harley-Davidson Protection is a program managed and administrated by Eric.  Harley-Davidson Australia Pty Ltd ABN 83 098 483 259, Harley Davidson, Inc., nor any of their respective subsidiaries or affiliates underwrite, administer or have any liability in respect of these insurances.