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Worry-free riding

Roadside Assistance

Enjoy every minute of your ride knowing that help is just  a phone call away. If you run into mechanical or electrical failure, our agents will be able to assist in getting you back on your journey.

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HOG ™ support is subject to geographical coverage of service providers. Contact your local dealer immediately for more information.

The H.O.G. Assist Program is an exclusive benefit that is designed to provide you with greater peace of mind and absolute convenience at your fingertips.


This benefit is available round-the-clock, seven days a week because we know how important it is to receive timely assistance when you need it most. Enjoy reliable roadside assistance when you need it most.


Join H.O.G. and start accessing a world of exclusive benefits to help you get the most out of your ownership experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Any customer who purchases a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle after April 1, 2015, from an authorized H-D dealer is eligible for the services introduced. The program will be effective for a period of 12 months, when registering to buy a new motorcycle. If you renew your H.O.G. membership after the first free year, you will receive an additional 12 months of H.O.G. Support Services (maximum 24 months).
Members are eligible for the following services when driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle based on a specific territory. This also depends on the geography of the service providers and their respective hours of operation.

Some content can be excluded. Members are responsible for any charges in excess of the benefit level. We will provide the service on the basis of best effort. Some services are purely for introductory or layout purposes. H.O.G.  Assist will not be liable for any third party charges
If your motorcycle experiences a mechanical breakdown or is involved in an accident and your motorcycle becomes immobilized while on the road, H.O.G. Assist will help the member and pay for the bike to be towed to the nearest service provider within the territory if immediate repair is not available. 

If the vehicle cannot be repaired within 6 hours of the failure, H.O.G. Assist will arrange and pay for alternative transportation for the member to return home.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired and you need to get to your destination immediately, H.O.G. Assist will arrange and pay for a replacement vehicle so members can continue their journey.

Should your motorcycle be involved in an accident and is immobilized for repair in the workshop, H.O.G. Assist will arrange for the rental of a motorcycle of the same or better capacity whenever possible. The cost of the rental shall be paid for by the member. 

If repair is not possible when the vehicle breaks down, H.O.G. Assist will arrange and pay for the motorbike to be sent home to the member's home.
If the motorbike breaks down or cannot be moved and cannot be repaired within 24 hours, H.O.G. Assist will arrange and pay for hotel accommodation at the nearest available location.
If your vehicle is unable to move on the road due to a lack of fuel, H.O.G. Assist arranges a service provider to deliver gas to the vehicle's location. Members will pay for gas.
If your vehicle crashes and completely breaks down, H.O.G. Assist will arrange and pay a towing company to tow the vehicle.
In the event your motorcycle breaks down or is involved in an accident, H.O.G. Assist shall transmit urgent messages related to your breakdown or vehicular accident to the subscriber and / or member's family members.