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Motorcycle Speakers Trim & Radio Trim

At Harley-Davidson, we make finding motorcycle speakers and amplifiers easy. When it comes to upgrading your motorcycle audio system, we have everything you need, including installation hardware to set up your speakers anywhere on your bike and take your listening experience on the open road to the next level.

Our line of high-powered speakers fits perfectly on your bike’s original speaker housing and offers a noticeable upgrade in sound quality. You can also place these motorcycle speakers in the saddlebag and tour pack regions to distribute sound throughout the bike. Our speakers are vibration-tested, waterproof, and easy to install. They can handle as much as 75 watts of power and even come with custom grills. Our Harley speakers feature a state-of-the-art, honeycomb mesh, glistening black anode finish, and, of course, they come in pairs. I

f cutting-edge technology is a must-have for your ride, we've got you covered. Biker audio system Bluetooth is here. The convenience of our motorcycle Bluetooth speakers is second to none. Rear-mounted, waterproof speakers that offer top-quality sound mesh seamlessly with a corresponding pair of front-mounted speakers and give you genuinely unparalleled listening capacity. With handlebar-mounted controls for effortless volume and content adjustment, we put the power of a Bluetooth sound system at your fingertips.

You can also turn up the volume with our motorcycle amplifiers, which are specially made to be road-tough and small enough to fit in the saddlebag. They work with two- or four-speaker systems and offer 50 or 75 watts per channel depending on the model. Motorcycle stereos are as unique to a rider as the bike itself. Let us at Harley-Davidson set you up with a sound system that works for you.