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Women's Motorcycle Gear & Clothing



120th Anniversary Collection

Celebrate 120 years of riding tradition with commemorative jackets, shirts, hoodies and more.
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Shift Gears into Next Season

New favorites to get your ready for whatever the season brings.
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January Sale
It's now or never to get these styles before they are gone.
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Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle jackets equipped with quality features that enhance your comfort, functionality, and safety on or off the bike.
Adventure starts with a single step. Walk away from the ordinary with motorcycle boots, shoes, and footwear crafted for true originals. 

Pan America Adventure Touring Gear

Our highly technical riding gear is engineered to meet demanding expectations for protection, versatility, and mobility—without compromising style. Across a world of different terrains and climates, we’ve made sure to have the kit you need when everythingbecomes  a road.

The FXRG Collection
The FXRG Collection
The FXRG Collection is designed for the most demanding touring riders. This premium gear is extensively road tested and incorporates innovative technologies, materials, and designs. It’s a complete system that can include base and mid-layers for customizable head-to-toe comfort and versatility in any riding environment.