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Low Rider® S

Don’t read further if you don’t like to be in the spotlight

Low Rider S Q4 Offer
The Low Rider® S combines a California custom scene with a stripped-down, rebel style. It will impress you with its powerful Milwaukee-Eight® engine with 1868 cm3 discplacement, elegant frame design and first-class suspension. You get it all wrapped in dark black and with gold wheel rims. Can you resist?
Low Rider S Q4 Offer
As you like it...
The Low Rider® S model offers a great base for further customization. Adjust the handlebars, covers and footpegs or add a passenger seat to uncompromisingly stand out from the crowd. You can also add Screamin‘ Eagle exhausts on the motorcycle so it can create a scene whenever it’s stopped. But don’t expect onlookers to linger long. All it takes is one twist of the throttle to send them to your rearview.