Vast desert road
Vast desert road

Prototype model shown. Production model features will vary. Models shown may not be available in all markets. Closed course, professional riders.

Prototype model shown. Production model features will vary. Models shown may not be available in all markets. Closed course, professional riders.

Pan America 1250 Special
Exclusive Features

We’re calling it Special for good reason. Designed to compete with the top-of-the-line ADV bikes in the segment, the 1250 Special is loaded with premium features.


  • Semi-Active Front and Rear Suspension with Vehicle Load Control

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) 

  • Centre Stand

  • Multi-Position Rear Brake Pedal 

  • Brush Guard

  • Aluminum Skid Plate 

  • Daymaker Signature Adaptive Headlamp

  • Hand Wind Deflectors 

  • Heated Hand Grips

  • Steering Damper 

  • Factory Installed Option: Adaptive Ride Height

  • Factory Installed Option: Tubeless Laced Wheels 

All-new Revolution Max 1250 Engine

For A New Generation of Iconic Bikes  The next chapter in a century of legendary V-Twins is here. Revolution Max is a liquid-cooled powertrain with 150 horsepower, full of ample torque, and a surging powerband tuned to maximise rider control. 
Dual Purpose Powertrain  The Revolution Max 1250 is a structural component of the motorcycle chassis, eliminating a traditional frame — which significantly reduces overall weight and keeps handling taut. This is performance you can feel, with the center of gravity low and the chassis super rigid. 
Peak Performance Where It Counts 
Double Overhead Camshafts (DOHC) facilitate higher peak horsepower, and independent Variable Valve Timing (VVT) broadens the overall powerband and improves torque management. All this to say you’ll have as much low-end acceleration off the line and high-RPM horsepower you can twist. 
Side of Pan America motorcycle
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Pan Americas riding in the desert

Adaptive Ride Height

Revolutionary Suspension Adaptive Ride Height makes its debut on the Pan America 1250 Special. This factory-installed option unlocks confidence you can feel by lowering seat height when stopped, and maintaining a constant, optimum suspension sag at speed by adjusting preload while continuously sensing weight inputs.
Semi-Active Front & Rear Suspension 191mm (7.48 inches) travel on Showa BFF (Balance Free Forks) fronts and a BFRC™ (Balanced Free Rear Cushion-lite) coil-over rear shock with electronic preload control and semi-active damping. The rear suspension incorporates a linkage system connecting the shock, swingarm, and frame which provides a progressive feel through the stroke.
Two Pan America riders on a desert trail
Man on a Pan America motorcycle in the desert
blured image for texture
Woman Rider  on a Pan America 1250 in the desert

Different by Design

H-D design and engineering teams have crafted a vision guided by utility, rooted in the spirit of iconic American off-road vehicles. In a landscape of bikes that are achieving uniformity, Pan America is a rugged take where function feeds form in a package that is uniquely Harley-Davidson.

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rider sitting on a Pan America 1250 motorcycle

All Terrain Long Hauler

Informed by H-D’s touring legacy, Pan America is designed to maintain high-speed ride and handling performance even when at the limit of its luggage and weight capacity. Refined, capable and intuitive, Pan America is a motorcycle that stays composed and confident no matter how hard you push it.

Rider comfort 

Vehicle Loading Control

This system senses the weight of the rider, passenger and luggage to select optimum suspension sag by automatically adjusting rear preload.


Semi-Active Suspension System

This system reacts to suspension position, vehicle speed, vertical acceleration, roll angle and rate, throttle, brake inputs and the selected Ride Mode to maintain the desired comfort setting. There are five pre-programmed profiles, which are baked into each Ride Mode: 


  • Comfort: More suspension compliance and isolating the rider from rough road conditions.
  • Balanced: A balance of ride comfort and ride control, for all-around riding.
  • Sport: Maximum ride control with higher damping rates – what we call “spirited riding”
  • Off-Road Soft: Reduced initial damping to increase suspension compliance to better absorb larger obstacles and to reduce kickback: ideal for logging roads, washboards and rocky terrain.
  • Off-Road Firm: Increased initial damping for aggressive riding or when less body float is desired: ideal for soft/loamy terrain.
Off-Road Ready

The 1250 Special has several enhancements as standard for when you take the road less traveled.


  • Aluminum skid plate protects the engine crankcase from impacts.
  • Brush guards protect the radiator and help support the motorcycle in a tip-over.
  • Steering damper to enhance dynamic performance during aggressive off-road riding.
  • No-tool-needed adjustable brake pedal, which can switch between two positions to improve control and comfort when the rider is standing. 
  • Semi-Active front and rear suspension with a specific Off-Road mode programmed to help the rider maintain traction and control over rougher roads and terrain
Great Expectations
Pan America 1250 models are equipped with the latest technology you'd expect for the category: six-axis IMU, customisable ride modes, Bluetooth connectivity and moving map navigation features in a 6.8" (173 mm) touchscreen display.
Tubeless Laced Wheels

Available as a factory-installed option, the spokes are inserted through the aluminum wheel rim outside of the tire bead. These wheels offer the rider several advantages over the cast wheels in off-road conditions. 


  • This design allows the use of a tubeless tire, which eliminates the weight of an inner tube, and makes the spokes repairable in the field.
  • If spokes loosen or break, they can be serviced or replaced without removing the wheel from the motorcycle or removing the tire from the wheel.


Adaptive Lighting

Advanced Daymaker Adaptive Headlamp

Utilising the ABS IMU to determine the lean angle of the motorcycle, this system automatically projects additional light into corners to illuminate areas of the road that may be unlit by an LED headlamp without this tech.


  • Includes three LED elements per side, located just above the main Daymaker headlamp.
  • The adaptive lamps illuminate in sequence based on motorcycle lean angle: at 8, 15, and 23 degrees.
  • Rather than just switching on and off, the current to the adaptive elements ramps up gradually so the additional lighting is progressive and appears seamless.
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Harley-Davidson® Parts & Accessories offers ways to take your Pan America™ to a whole new level.
Harley-Davidson and Rev’It!, a global leader in the Adventure Touring category, have created a collection for the Pan America™ rider that works beyond boundaries, keeping you protected and comfortable for every adventure.