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August 7 -14, 2021 | Sturgis, South Dakota (USA)

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


It’s the 81st anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Harley-Davidson’s roots run deep in this town and at the legendary event. As the official motorcycle of the rally, we’re celebrating our long-lasting relationship by going bigger than ever. Come enjoy the festivities and the unmatched scenic riding in and around Sturgis, SD. We encourage our H-D community to ride free and ride safely.


Location & Date
Sturgis, South Dakota (USA)

August 7 - 14, 2021


Harley-Davidson relies on local health guidelines to inform our participation and protect our staff, our riders and our communities.

9AM - 5PM
H-D at Sturgis Community Center
Remember to stop by our main location at the Sturgis Community Center! Enjoy complimentary H-D bike parking in the back lot, and make your way to the front lot to take part in our 2021 bike demos, Parts & Accessory displays, Stunt Shows, Police Skills Demonstrations, Official H-D event merchandise, and more!
Man trying out a stationed motorcycle
Motorcycles aligned ready to be test driven

Take a demo ride

Your day wouldn’t be complete without a ride on one of our newest bikes. Visit any of our locations from 9am-5pm, every day (registration closes at 4pm), to test ride any 2021 model, including our new Adventure Touring model, the Pan America.

Community Center
1401 Lazelle St, Sturgis, SD 57785

Hill City
Hill City 1880 Train
222 Railroad Ave, Hill City, SD 57785

Deadwood Visitor Center 
501 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Spearfish Canyon Lodge
10619 Roughlock Falls, Rd, Lead, SD 57754

Pappy Hoel Campground
19942 SD-79, Vale, SD 57788


Pappy Hoel Campground
The official campground of H.O.G. Receive 10% discount for all camping wristbands. 
Events & Activities

CLUB H.O.G. @ Sturgis

August 7 - 14, 2021 | 9AM - 5PM

Pappy Hoel Campground - Full Throttle Saloon

19942 SD-79, Vale, SD 57788

Stop in, grab a refreshment, and relax in the Harley-Davidson Garage. The Club is open to H.O.G. Members and one guest per member. 
Women walking by motorcycles parked at Pappy Hoel Campground

H.O.G. Member Ride @ Sturgis

August 10, 2021 | 8AM

Register Now
Pappy Hoel Campground - Full Throttle Saloon

19942 SD-79, Vale, SD 57788

Join us for a ride thru South Dakota to Wyoming with a stop at Devil's Tower.  We'll add a rest stop and a lunch stop and there you have a great day of riding with your H.O.G. compadres.  Plan on a 4-5 hour trip before returning to Sturgis. Open to H.O.G. members and a guest.  

Staging time at 8AM - Kickstands at 9AM

Register Now to reserve your spot in the ride, space is limited.

BTW, there is no charge for this excellent ride! 


Scenery of Devil's Tower

H.O.G. Bike Games

August 12, 2021 | 3PM

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Pappy Hoel Campground - Full Throttle Saloon

19942 SD-79, Vale, SD 57788

Try your hand (and feet) at some traditional Bike Games for 1 up or 2 up riders.  Have some fun challenging your riding skills with prizes to boot. 

Open to H.O.G. members and a guest.

Register now, space is limited!

Must present membership card to enjoy this fun event. 

Calendar Listing Image

Sturgis Shootout

August 12, 2021 | 1PM

Strugis Dragstrip

20523 HWY 79, Sturgis, SD 57785

Join Harley-Davidson at The Sturgis Shootout, where grudges will be settled on the drag strip. Witness who’ll be the quickest at the throttle.
Bikers getting ready to compete

H.O.G. Party At The Pool

August 12, 2021 | 6PM

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The Pool @ Pappy Hoel Campground

19942 SD-79, Vale, SD 57788

Join us for some fun in the sun after a great day of riding in the Black Hills. Enjoy a beverage, music, raffles, special pricing on food and some all around fun!

Open to H.O.G. members and a guest.

Register now, space is limited!

Must present membership card to enjoy this fun event. 

Bikers riding through the Black Hills

H.O.G. Social Hour

August 7 - 14, 2021 | 4PM - 6PM

Ironhorse Saloon

888 Junction Ave, Sturgis, SD 57785

Enjoy complimentary appetizers and beverage specials.
Bikers enjoying food

Maiden Moto Art Show

August 7 - 14, 2021  | 10AM - 6PM

Learn More
Buffalo Chip Campground, Crossroads near Big Engine Bar

Sturgis, SD

An art show by female motorcyclists, about motorcycles, culture and lifestyle.
Maiden Moto Art Show Logo

Deadwood Activities

August 7 - 14, 2021  | Various Times

Learn More
Outlaw Square

703 Main Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57732

Head to Outlaw Square, in the heart of historic Deadwood, and get your fill of Harley-Davidson, moto culture, and live music.


Outlaw Square
Full Event Schedule
Don’t miss anything. Take the full schedule of events on the go with you. Download this handy guide today.
Artist Imagery Covers - Jesse James Dupree, Dogtown, Ashmore, Outlaw Tim and the Whiskey Benders, Messenger, and Royal Bliss

Mighty Loud & Dealer Sponsored Entertainment


Mighty Loud and Harley-Davidson Dealers have partnered together to bring a week’s worth of live musical acts at Sturgis 2021.

Rally Point-Live Music

Sunday 8/8 | 7pm                      
Outlaw Jim & the Whiskey Benders Sponsored by Worth H-D

Monday, 8/9 | 7pm                     
Dogtown Sponsored by Lone Wolf H-D

Tuesday, 8/10 | 7pm
Ashmore Sponsored by American Eagle H-D

Wednesday, 8/11 | 7pm                       
Dogtown Sponsored by Lone Wolf H-D

Thursday, 8/12 | 7pm
Messer Sponsored by Longhorn H-D
Outlaw Square-Live Music

Saturday 8/7 | 6pm
Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc.

Sunday 8/8 | 4:45-6:45pm        
Ashmore Sponsored by American Eagle H-D

Sunday 8/8 | 7:30-9pm
Royal Bliss Sponsored by House of H-D

Monday 8/9 | 3:30:-5:30pm
Outlaw Jim & the Whiskey Benders Sponsored by Worth H-D

Tuesday, 8/10 | 3:30-5:30pm
Dogtown Sponsored by Lone Wolf H-D

Wednesday, 8/11 | 12:30-2pm
Royal Bliss Sponsored by House of H-D

Thursday, 8/12 | 3:30-5:30pm
Outlaw Jim & the Whiskey Benders Sponsored by Worth H-D

Pappy Hoel Pool Stage

Sunday, 8/8 | 2pm
Dogtown Sponsored by Lone Wolf H-D

Monday, 8/9 | 2pm
Ashmore Sponsored by American Eagle H-D

Tuesday, 9/10 | 2pm
Royal Bliss Sponsored by House of H-D

Wednesday, 8/11 | 2pm
Outlaw Jim & the Whiskey Benders Sponsored by Worth H-D


H.O.G. Member Checking In
August 7 - 14, 2021
9AM - 5PM
The official H.O.G. Member Check-in

Each location will have a unique commemorative rally token for H.O.G. Members. Members must present your membership card to receive a rally token.


  • Sturgis Community Center
    1401 Lazelle St
    Sturgis, SD
  • Pappy Hoel Campground
    19942 SD-79
    Vale, SD
Rent a Motorcycle
Get rally ready with the bike of your choice. Choose from a variety of new models available at a convenient locations. Browse and enquire on-line or check your local Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental Dealer for more information.
Rides Around Sturgis

1 hr 52 min – 78 mi


Ride from Custer, SD through Wind Cave National Park to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD with return to Custer, SD


3 hr 15 min – 186 mi


Leaving from Pappy Hoel Campground home of the HOG Check In, head through Alzada, MT to Devil's Tower National Monument. Return via Hulett, WY to the Sturgis, SD Community Center.

Download the Harley-Davidson™ App

Make the most of your Sturgis rally by downloading the all-new H-D™ App. Stay updated on the full lineup of activities – live music, races, demos, bike shows, local rides – and easily check-in at events, dealerships and the H.O.G. tent right from the palm of your hand.

Plan for this event
  • Pack items that have more than one use. A multi-tool is handier than a basic pocket knife.
  • Pack all your cold weather and raingear no matter what time of year it is.
  • Lightweight synthetic clothing – such as T-shirts and underwear – can be washed in a hotel sink and dried overnight (cotton fabrics take too long to dry in this manner).
  • On long trips, consider bringing your rattiest underwear (or other clothing), then just throw it away when you're done with it!
  • Plastic bags make great boot liners if you forgot your gaiters. If you forgot your rain gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves make great, inexpensive substitutes.
  • A small towel can be wrapped around your neck during a rainstorm to keep water from running down your back – and doubles as a shop rag.
  • Don't fold your clothes – roll them. They take up less space that way.
  • Zipper-lock plastic bags of various sizes can be extremely useful for organizing items in saddlebags and duffle bags. They can make it easier to find and retrieve particular items without unpacking your entire motorcycle. Use the one-gallon size to pack one day's worth of clothes – jeans, undergarments, and shirt. This makes it easier to unpack just what you need.
  • When traveling with other riders, conserve space by comparing packing lists and eliminating duplicate items.
  • When traveling (two-up) with a partner, ask yourself questions such as: "Can we share a tube of toothpaste?" or "Can I get by using her shampoo for a week?"
  • Few things are as easy to pack as money or credit cards. If you're struggling with whether or not to bring a particular item, consider simply buying it on the road if you need it.
  • If you watch the ounces, the pounds will take care of themselves. When possible, lighter is better.
  • Check the cargo weight limits of your bike - as well as the bags and racks - and adjust tire pressure and suspension accordingly.
  • When loading your bike, keep as much weight as possible close to the bike's center of gravity. That means low and toward the tank, distributed evenly from side to side.
  • Before you begin your trip, make sure to review all local motorcycle laws for the states you'll be traveling in. 
  • A day or two before you leave, do a dry run. Pack the bike and go for a short ride, then adjust the load as needed.
  • If you're camping, set up your tent once or twice before you leave (and don't forget to waterproof it). Practice setting it up in the dark.
  • With your bike loaded for your road trip, check your headlamp to make sure it’s properly aimed.
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