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Women's Motorcycle Riding Pants & Chaps

Stylish Motorcycle Riding Pants and Chaps for Women

Riding a Harley-Davidson as a woman can be a fun way to enjoy the thrill of spending time on the open road. Part of the fun of riding a motorcycle can be dressing up and making an impression. Our inventory of pants and women's motorcycle chaps are designed to hug the curves and create a flattering look. They're ideal for wearing to motorcycle shows or for long-distance traveling to feel confident and feminine. Women's mesh riding jackets are not only a functional addition, but they can pair well with your pants or chaps to create a striking look.

Rock a Retro Look

The retro and vintage design of motorcycle riding pants and chaps make them a staple in any biker's wardrobe. They look edgy and classic, allowing women to continue to wear the clothing over time without the styles becoming outdated. They pair well with tank tops, motorcycle jackets, and studded accessories. Many of our chaps for women stand out for their details and embellishments. They look unique and high-quality due to their fringe details, cut-out features, and built-in belts. Flared bottoms create a striking silhouette without interfering with the rider's ability to operate a heavy motorcycle. It's still easy to apply pressure to the gas pedal or brakes without the fabric interfering with the parts and mechanics of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Pair your women's chaps and riding pants with a women's flannel for a complete head-to-toe look.

A Custom and Comfortable Fit

Our women's motorcycle chaps are made to feel comfortable, like a second skin. They contour to the body and ir the unique shape of each woman for a customized fit that is flattering. Many of the chaps are built with a built-in belt, making it easy to adjust their fit to ensure they stay in place throughout the day. Our women's riding pants are made with durable and lightweight materials that won't feel too heavy when they're worn throughout the day. The fabric is flexible and elastic to ensure the rider can continue to perform different movements.

Shop for the perfect pair of women's riding pants and chaps for women while browsing our extensive inventory. Our products can be worn while spending time on a bike or for daily use.