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Motorcycle Cleaning Kits & Products

Everything you need to clean a motorcycle the right way.





Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Cleaning Kits & Products

Hands-on maintenance is part of the Harley ownership experience, and it can range from using a motorcycle cleaning kit after long rides to swapping out air filters when the mileage indicates it is time to do so. Along with lubricants and sealants, motorcycle cleaning products are essential to keeping a well-stocked garage for maintenance work.

The motorcycle cleaning supplies section of our online catalog includes items such as oil change kits, tool kits, filters, belts, and many others. Find basic Harley cleaning products such as a wash kit that comes with a five-gallon bucket, detailing cloths, soap, a drying towel, liquid detergent, and a spray-on solution for bug removal.

The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Detailing Kit

For deeper and more comprehensive maintenance of the exterior, put together motorcycle detailing kits with our original products. This can start with the basic washing kit before adding other items such as spray cleaners formulated to clean and shine, leather conditioner, metal polish, chrome cleaning solution, special brushes to clean between spokes, detailing cloth, wash mitts, and others.

Our formulas efficiently remove dirt and grime while protecting not only the paint but also other trim elements such as leather, chrome, and fiberglass. The spray for removing bugs bottle is specially formulated to dissolve organic matter stubbornly stuck to exterior surfaces. These two are the building blocks of a motorcycle detailing kit, but other items can be added to make kits more comprehensive.

Continue browsing our catalog to shop for more motorcycle cleaning essentials, or learn how to wash and detail your motorcycle.