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Relaxed Jeans

Wearing the right set of pants when riding a motorcycle is crucial, and Harley-Davidson's relaxed straight jeans are the perfect pair. Many people overlook the importance of the right pair of pants when riding, opting instead to focus on the right eyewear, helmet, gloves and boots. But picture this: You're riding along when you hit an unfamiliar bend in the road. Before you know it, you're sliding out, and your body hits the road. Luckily, your gear will protect your head and upper body, but the wrong pair of pants will disintegrate from the friction, leaving you with an unpleasant leg injury. The material in normal street jeans isn't made to withstand contact with the road. However, a pair of biker relaxed jeans is far more durable, comfortable and protective, giving you a safer ride.

Our line of relaxed-fit denim jeans for men calls upon the renowned Harley-Davidson tradition of the freedom of the open road. Your riding pants should be breathable, movable and loose-fitting on the seat, giving you a comfortable ride that can last for hours on end with no pinching or binding on the thighs or waist. Our loose-fit jeans for men feature heavyweight denim and abrasion-resistant materials. This means that, if you happen to have an accident, our relaxed jeans can help limit the impact.

In addition, Harley-Davidson's relaxed jeans each come with classic-brand back-pocket embroidery and a distinct leather patch on the back waist that make them a stylish pairing with our men's sweaters and button-downs or topped off with a casual baseball cap. Your legs can be one of the most vulnerable parts of the body as you ride. Investing in a pair of Harley-Davidson relaxed jeans built to withstand long rides and potential accidents is a no-brainer.