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Men's Casual Jackets

Men's Casual Jackets

Get ready for a cross-country road trip with a Harley-Davidson casual jacket. Harley-Davidson motorcycle outerwear is specifically made with riders in mind. Our men’s riding jackets protect you from rain, sleet, snow, wind chill and cold nighttime temperatures. Some of our men's casual jackets come with hoods attached while others are spacious enough that you can wear a men's sweater or hoodie underneath. Forget about cold temperatures; now you've got no excuse not to hop on your Harley-Davidson and take that trip you've been talking about.

Harley-Davidson men's casual outerwear offers long sleeves, comfortable materials and warm inner linings that protect you from the fall and winter chill. If you're a fan of the vintage look, our motorcycle bomber jackets feature black leather and retro designs that hark back to the good old days. Our leather jackets don't easily crack or wear out; instead, they gain character with every trip you take. We also sell high-quality men's denim jackets featuring that classic biker look that never goes out of style.

We also sell plaid shirt jackets, softshell motorcycle jackets and puffer jackets made from 100% nylon. Whether you're looking for vintage aesthetics or a modern design, every jacket has that unmistakable Harley-Davidson attitude. Our men’s casual jackets are made of sturdy materials like nylon, cotton and denim that can withstand hundreds of trips without falling apart.

When you buy one of our men's casual jackets, you're making an investment that lasts. The jacket that you choose says something about your personality—and over time, other drivers might start to recognize you by your jacket alone. Make it count with a high-quality Harley-Davidson men's casual jacket.